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May Austin got adopted in one of the most wealthy family and after that she known as Ella king but what happened when she lost her all memories and only remember about her life in orphanage. . . . . To find out more read this story This story also contain family drama,Love triangles and little bit of mystery.

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Girl like emerald
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Chapter 1

May’s POV

You know that feeling when everything was going fine and suddenly one mistake took you back where all it started!I am May Austin,24 years old facing consequences of my own decisions.My story started from St.Xaviors orphanage.Today I am visiting the place where I grow up,last time. As my care taker says it’s right thing to move on.So finally I set my mind to move on from the past...

“May, my dear” I heard Mrs.Rush called me .She is in her late 40′s and a very kind woman with golden heart.

“Hi Mrs.Rush, how have you been?” I asked her.She gentally smiled, but her eyes held sad expression She answered me trying to be happy “I have been fine my dear,but how are you?”

" I am fine, Mrs. Rush”I answered her truthfully.She just glanced at me and took me to five people who just got off from the car,two men along with three women stand there looking so gorgeous.They looked rich and elegant.

“Welcome Mr.and Mrs.Adams,It’s really pleasant to having you and your family here”.Mr.Adams is very humble man in his early 50′s but I can also say that he is quiet handsom.and Mrs.Adams looks very beautiful in her late 40′s.She is wearing off- white elegant dress and carrying off- white clutch.I can tell that it’s very costly.

“And who is this beautiful young lady?” Mr.Adams asked catching my attention..

“Umm...I am Ella.Ella King.“I said glancing at Mrs.Rush,who just nodded at my response.Mr. and Mrs.Adams warmly smiled at I am so nervous,I can’t reveal my identity..He said it cost me my life..

“Umm.Excuse me,I need to go..“I really need to get out of here as soon as possible..and when I get out of here I am no more May Austin..

I am Ella.Ella King.

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