The lightning theif

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Zeus bolt was stolen

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Dominick Spoto
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I vanished my math teacher

I don’t wanted to be a half blood I go to school in New York yancy academy so I have to put up with Donald so more sad look on is face oh my name is yoshi Jackson I’m 12 years old I’m a bad kid don’t ever say what you do about your mom and dad says about your birth we are going on a trip to greek gods tour on this trip I have to put up with Donald and his angers on the trip and ms Dodds wasn’t human I tell my best friend enie she made me erase all my answers but ms dodds was from savanna Mr Brunner was talk about the paints about the Gods someone snap shut up I said mrs jackson do you have a question or comments so yoshi tells us what happened to Kronos he got cut into peices in to darkness of the underworld oh right ms Dodds led everyone outside for lunch girls holding they tummy and the boys pushes others around me and enie were walking to the door but Brunner has this look that we

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