Disirable pleasure

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Chapter 1

Ariana's POV*




I slammed my hand on my alarm to make it shut up. I groaned and rubbed my eyes to adjust the sunlight that is making its way in my window.

I sighed as look at the time on the alarm, 6:45, I only got 15 minutes to get ready. I pulled my thick covers off me and sat up letting the cold air hit my warm body.

My feet hit the freezing floor as I stood up and walked to the bathroom. I turned on the water and striped down and stepped in the shower.

My shower lasted about five minutes. I stepped out and dried myself off. I was putting on a white shirt with ripped black jeans and my black and white vandalizing is my with my black leather jacket.

I made my way down stairs to the smell of bacon and pancakes. My dad and my brother was sitting down at the table while my mom was making everybodies plate.

"Good morning." my dad said without looking up from his newspaper

"Hey honey, how was your sleep?" my mom asked as she kissed my cheek and put the plates on the table.

"It was good, other than staying on the phone all night with Alice" I say as I sat down to see my brother hogging the bacon.

"Hey! Your not the only one eating you know!" I yelled and snatched the last few pieces of bacon out his hands.

"Give that back! And for your information I, can't im going through a moment right now." He say while try to get the bacon out my hand, but I coughed on it and said

"You still want it now?" While trying to put it in his hand but he pulled away before it touched him.

"Keep your germs to your fucβ€”" he couldn't even finish his sentence because my mom cut him off

"Cole Norman Black! watch your mouth." she yelled.

"Sorry." Avery mumbles as he shoots daggers at my way. I stick out my tongue and mumbled an 'mhm' in a teasing manner.

"Put your tongue back in your mouth before i rip it out and slap you with it." He growls through the mindlink and I just chuckled.

A few minutes later I finished eating and I was currently waiting for slow-poke to finish eating.

"You know the slower you eat, the later we're going to get to school, just wanted to get it out there." Come looked at me and rolled at me.

My mom heard this, she practically push both of us out the door. She gave us both kisses on the cheek and yelled before closing the door "Have a good day!" then the door slammed shut.

After that scene, I walked towards Coles white Ferrari 458 with red interior seats and hoped in. The school wasn't that was far from where we live but it took about five to ten minutes to get there.


As Cole pulled up in the parking spot I jump out the car and shut the door and swong my book bag over my shoulder.

Me and Cole was walking in the school building nobody was in the hallway. I'm mean you could literally hear a fly go by, that's how quit it was.

"It's like a fucking ghost town in here." Cole dumbly said.

"No shit sherlock were late because you want to eat like a grand-pop." I jumped up and slap the back of his head.

"Owww." he pouted rubbing the spot we're I hit him.

I smirked and chuckled as he smiled as we were about to go our separate ways. We gave each other a hug and he said

"stay out of trouble little Sis."

He said while ruffling my hair and walking down the hall.

"Cant make no promises." I yell back and he just chuckled and walked in his 1st period classroom classroom.

I sighed and walked towards my locker. I put the code in and opened it. Grabbing my history book, closing my locker and heading to class.

I opened the door and mostly everybody head turns towards me even the teachers. I had to mentally prepare myself for the bullshit she was ready to say.

"Ariana would you like to explain why you are late?" she asks.

"Nope" I say while popping the 'p' and heading toward my seat near the window.

I expected her to be bitchy but she didn't say anything but "hmm" quitely and turning back to the board and started 'teaching'.

"Weird I thought she was gonna say some shit like 'go to the office' something like that." My 'BGFE' Jackson said though mindlink.

For some of you that don't know what that means is stands for 'Best Gay Friend Ever' cringe I know. I told him it was stupid but he would budge.

But Jackson is sexy motherfucker. He got that sexy dark brown hear that almost looks black, nice hazel eyes that you can stair at for days and that damn smile that will make anybody's knees weak. Yeah you can say it... im crushing on my BGFE but he already knows so suck on that!

"Yeah I know..weird but I need to take a day for going to the principles office." I replyed with a sigh at the end. And I could hear him chuckle from the right and I did to.

*two really shitty classes later(lunch time hoes!)*

Jackson and I was sitting down at lunch talking and laughing when I notice Alice wasn't here.

"now bring up Alice, where is she?" I say looking around seeing if I see her.

"Oh! You would never believe what she told me on the phone this morning."

"Tell you what?"

"She said she wasn't coming because the zit on her face is to big and she didn't want mason to see." Annoyed and disbelief plastered on his face.

"Well I'm not even surprised, typical Alice." I say, picking up and fork and poking and my tomatoes in my salad. People in the cafeteria continued talking to one another and I look down three tables to see Mason Alices crush from elementary school. He was laughing and joking with his friends and a few girls sitting at his table. Alice developed this crush for him when we were in 4th grade and we was play outside at recess and a flying ball was flying towards her but before it could of hit her, Mason came and caught it, but he accidentally knocked her over, but he helped her up and gave her a lollipop to apologize for the incident, and ever sense then she found out that she liked him.

Mason has sandy brown hair, dark brown eyes with a dimple in his right cheek and he is very built. He is nice don't get me wrong but he is overly popular and that's a turn off.


After more laughing and talking with Jackson, we both got up and walking toward the trash to throw our food away but I walked into something or should I say someone.

'this is not gonna end well, for the person at least.'


Hola my peeps this is my new

Story 'Desirable Pleasure' and I hope you all like it! Love you guys!!

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