The Ties That Bind: Family Over Everything

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Myra Raaz is unknowingly apart of a grand spider web of The United; a dystopian nation governed by the survivors of The Cleanse. While members of the United pride themselves on their four main attributes: their purity of race, their unmatched intelligence, their high standing in society and freedom from illness, Myra finds herself living a lie. Will flirting with death and the devilishly handsome Mark, lead her to her doom or to her freedom?

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Nisha Patel
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The unsuspecting Filie family sat on their plush couches watching television in Brazil. As did the Sureff family in the United States, the Wei’s in China, the Bauroth’s in Ireland and the Hasan’s in Pakistan. All were either preparing to go to work or relaxing after a grueling day. None of them knew each other. They were all from various socioeconomic classes, religions, ethnicities, and careers. Yet at that moment every family was participating in a ritual that we have all been a part of at one point in our lives, watching the news. Enormous letters flashed in an alarming shade of scarlet on the bottom of the screen: United Nations Breaking News. The families leaned toward their screens. A handsome, lithe man with a cruel smile was standing center stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologize for interrupting your daily schedule.” He didn’t look the slightest bit sorry. In fact, he looked elated, like he had just found the cure for death. Behind the man were crescent tables, ringed like stadium seats, filled with leaders from all over the world. Some of them tried to hide their grim expressions, but the uneasiness seeped through the television screens into the homes. Dr. Filie glanced at his wife in concern. “On this day, the genesis of the new world shall begin. A world free of crime, hate, racism, violence, and cruelty. We have joined hands to create this utopia, in which nothing less than perfection shall remain.” The Hasan family increased the volume of the television, not quite sure where this was going. The man on the screen smoothed the lapel of his precisely tailored obsidian suit.

“To combat the evil nature that has consumed this world, we have to start afresh. We have to cleanse ourselves.” The Wei’s froze in the middle of their breakfast. “To the pilgrims of this new world, know that you were chosen for your intelligence, heritage, and talents. May you sow fruits that will blossom for years to come.” The Sureff’s sat in silence drinking in the man’s poisonous words. “To those that are barred from entering this paradise: the murders, rapists, racists, the physically and mentally impure. Those that did not reach the level of intelligence we desired for this new race of perfect beings. Those that ail from sickness, old age, poverty, mixed race, religious fanaticism and many more who I do not have time to name. And lastly, those that have done nothing wrong, but nothing substantial to solidify your place in this new paradise; to these people and the innocent martyr’s that will sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the human race, I say your gift is not taken for granted.”

The Bauroth’s looked at their grandmother, who sat in the corner. She looked equally confused and terrified as the rest of the family. “To those that survive this cleanse, I am your new Monarch, Devin Roy.” He inclined his head to the woman and man who now stood on either side of him. “I promise to rule with honor and strength, by the side of the Marcini’s and the Khan’s. Together we can proudly say we are the founding families of this new United.” All three leaders beamed at each other. The man lifted a champagne flute that sparkled and bubbled with flecks of gold. “To a new age of perfection, betterment and success.” He tilted the glass to his thin lips and the hundreds of leaders who sat behind him followed in the same manner. He flashed one last vile grin and the screen went dark.

All these families sat in uneasy silence for a moment. Then the first ripple was felt in the United States. The Surreff’s home trembled as if a giant had decided their house was its new baby rattle. They all looked at each other in horrifying realization as houses around them were flattened to the ground. Within a microsecond, the Sureff’s were vaporized. Slowly, the world these innocent families lived in was completely erased, as were the families and millions of people that tried to escape the desolation. But unbeknownst to them, there were underground bunkers that were carefully laid out across the world. Each bunker housed hundreds of families, men, women, and children, who were hand-chosen to survive the massacre of the human race. All these people met the criteria of survival: illness free, purity of ethnicity, and unrivaled intelligence. There were only a select few who matched these criteria from each race. They had been corralled into these shelters by the leaders of the new free world, the way one traps a rabbit in a snare. The survivors cowered as the trembling in the earth vibrated through their metal safe houses. Bombs rained from the sky for what felt like days, but eventually, the raid on man-kind ceased and just like Noah, the surviving members of the human race started building their new utopia.

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