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Nature' Bible

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Love light "Nature Bible"

Understand Something. I've Been To A Lot Of Pro Black Circles. I've Listened To A Lot Of Conscious People Talk About War With White People. But My Thing Has Always Been. Fighting White People Is First Of All Unrealistic Because They've Made More Investments In Military Technology. If Black People Went To War With White People. That War Would Be Over Within 6 Months Because All White People Would Come Together. Like They Did During The Invasion Of Africa. While Black People Will Maintain Tribal & Religious Identity Thus Dividing Into Small Groups. So A Physical War Is Out Of The Question. The Only Way To Defeat White Supremacy Is By Fixing Your Mind. You Need To Delete The Lie That God Is White. Delete The Lie That They Are Smarter. Delete The Lie That You Need Their Hair To Be Beautiful. That You Need Their Culture To Be Modern. That You Need Their Wedding Ceremony. That You Need Their Approval. If Black People Would Erase Such Toxic Ideas. The World Would Change Very Quickly Because A Lot Of The Times. We As Black People Give White People Too Much Credit. We Think They've Figured This Whole Life Thing Out When If You Look At Studies. In About 30 Years. In America Black People Will Be The Majority. In About 100 Years. In Europe. Immigrants Will Be The Majority. Everywhere In The World. White People Are At A Zero Birth Rate. So Physical War Is Unnecessary. It Was Never Our Culture To Begin With. If You Want To Beat Racism. Get Rid Of The Racism In Your Own Mind. You Can't Change Other People But You Can Change How You See Africa. How You See Black People. How You See God. How You See Black Businesses. Black Culture & Black History. It's Really That Simple. Because Even If Aliens Could Appear In The Sky Right Now & Black People Are The Last Race On Earth. We'd Still Deal With The Ideas Left By Other Groups. We'll Still Have White People In Black Skin. So Really The Solution Is Psychological Not Racial

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