Roses are Red

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My rory is basically about a 12 year old finding out she has magical powers .But are they good powers?Read to find out

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The beginning

Chapter One:The beginning

Today is the day i switch schools .I have caused so many problems at my old school. Im Carolina i want to tell my story of how i found out that i have magical powers but -not good ones.Here's some things about me :Im 12,basic and loves to sing.I love my family and my life.lets get on!

So it was 6 am i had to get up.I hate school it was horrible not only because of my powers but the fact that i was bullied. .... Sigh .My mom shouted from the stairs "CAROLINA!GET UP ITS TIME FOR SCHOOL!"Man I hated getting up.I shouted back "IM UP!" Mom said"good ,because you will be late.'I rushed out of bed to see that it was 6:30 am ,mom was right i was gonna be late.I ran to get my outfit and went to have a shower.When i was done mom had to help me get dressed because I was really slow at doing those things.Once i was done i ate and ran to get the bus.My worst fear came true ,the bus missed me !"Dang it !" I shouted .Why was life going this way.Now i had to walk .When i got to school Clara my enemy ran and took my $300 i had got from mom.I SCREAMED "GIVE IT BACK YOU THEIF!!"She said "Weirdo no one cares about what u say."I was tired of her .I got angry and shouted "U ARE A STUPID IDIOT!"She dropped my money and said,"what did you say ?"Clenching her fists.I got scared and then Clara looked up in horror.Thats when i saw what was happening i summoned the lightning power i looked at my hands and they had lighting running through them .I ran away and never stopped.I got more scared .

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