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These stories are original and stories that my friends wrote. These are horrible, I’m sorry.

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2 Short Storys part 1

This short stories are written by my friend and I. The short stories are a little long so they are going to be over 2 chapters. My friend's short story is going to be in chapter one and my is going to be in chapter 2. Both stories are about a bird, goat and a poisonous flower.

My friend's short story

Lily was falling, she tried to spread her purple wings, but they wouldn't catch the air. "Mom!" She let out a terror stricken scream. Flapping desperately she was able to at least slow her fall. She landed with a thump in something soft and fluffy. She looked down to see brown curly fur. The smell of hay and smelly poo reached her tiny nose. What is this thing? She wondered, cocking her head sideways in a mysterious gaze." Hellllooooooooo!" The fluffy fur moved showing her two strange eyes. "Umm Hi!?" Lily stammered, realizing it's the back of a goat! "How may I heeeeeeelp you?" the goat bawd. "I uh fell out of my nest, i'm sorry for landing on your back." She shuffled her wings in embarrassment. "Naaaaah it's okay!" He chewed on a blade of grass. Suddenly a smell drifted by, it's scent was a sickening sweet smell. Lily couldn't help but be drawn towards it. She hopped off the goat's back, fluttering her wings to take small gliding hops towards the smell. She could hear a clip clopping sound behind her letting her know tat the goat was following her. They reached a small pool of water. It was so clear and blue that if you stirred up the bottom, it would still shine like a thousand lights, in the middle of the pool. (Not actually a pool, more like a large puddle that's deeper than a normal puddle, and cleaner.) There was a beautiful glowing flower. It had large dark purple petals resting on the water. While smaller sapphire blue petals sat in the middle where a glowing orb shimmered. Lily reached to touch it fully absorbed in it's glow. When it suddenly was snatched up in the mouth of the goat. Lily stared in shock, a little dazed and confused. Suddenly the goat hiccupped, bouncing up and down like crazy. He bounced around the small forest they were in and up a tree. Lily never saw the goat again, and she only hoped that he had stopped bouncing.

Thanks for reading her story, mine is in the next chapter.

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