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2 Short Story part 2

This is my story

Prolog What happens when a goat,Bird and poisonous flower cross paths.

Bob=Goat Bertha=Bird


"Bob what are you doing, aren't we going to go to Waterhill park?" "Yes Bertha just give me five more minutes to finish getting ready." {6 minutes later} "BERTHA WHERE ARE YOU" "IM GETTING IN THE CAR" {Skip car ride cause that's not important and it's going to make the story longer}

"Bertha wake up hunny we're here" "Bob let me sleep 5 more minutes" "No Bertha WAKE UP" "AAAAAAA, Bob you almost gave me a heart attack"

"Get out of the car" "FINE" {Half through the walk} "What flower are we looking for Bertha" "It's called Bobertha, it's also poisonous." "Look Bob there it is" "That's a beautiful flower Bertha"

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