I Hate Love

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Vihaan Oberoi, strikingly handsome, wanted bad boy billionaire of the city. He practically owns everything; good looks, money, and girls. You don't want to be on his bad side. For him love has only definition that is lust. He never believed in love until he met Ayesha. Ayesha Singhania, the nerd of Noble High or I must say a nerd in disguise. Running from her past that haunts her she joins in the middle of the term. She wants to be invisible in her senior year but that's far from possible. What will happen when these two will fall in love? The one for whom love has lost it's meaning and the other who doesn't wants her life to be messier than already it is. This is a tale of two strangers falling in love and with time their love is tested. Will they survive and fight it till end? Join this romantic journey of our bad boy and nerdy girl. PS - All the names and places in the story are fictional and creation of my fantasy. Any resemblance is purely coincidence. I hope you enjoy the story!

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You smell like peace. You feel like home.
You taste like drug.
I named you LOVE.

-Radical S. R

All or Nothing...

If you love me
for what you see,
only your eyes would be
in love with me.

If you love me
for what you’ve heard,
then you would love me
for my words.

If you love
my heart and mind,
then you will love me for
all that I’m.

But if you don’t love
my every flaw
then you mustn’t love me-
not at all.

-Lang Leav

Dedicated to all those who:

❤This is to all those passionate teenagers and dreamers.

❤To all those who have ever fallen in love and will love till eternity.

❤To all those who are heart broken and suffered from worst. All your sufferings will end. Have faith.

❤To all those who never decided to give upon themselves and are fighting bravely.

❤Lastly to all those who are together and promise to cherish love forever.


Dear friend, I hope all is well with you
And that you are as healthy in body
As you are strong in spirit

- 3 John 1:2

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