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Imagine This...You just got fired and now you're walking in the empty street stomping your foot like a child and out of nowhere they appear one with blueish eyes with light brown hair ...ahh!A well built body with abs and oh!Without forgetting.. they're shirtless.. Another with silver sparkling eyes with blonde hair also well built with abs and...shirtless too! Both calling you "Mate" Whilst you're babbling about how you're not friends etcetera in a matter of time you're on the blueish eyed's shoulder.... If I was you I would check his ass man!OK imma stop my dirty mind! "Please save me Sonia!"Tst's what you're telling me but my answer is.. Have gun in hell Liz!*walks away* *_*_* Liz McKnight . She's sixteen.Orphan.The only family she has is her sweet cousin.she's funny and carefree.. But has one secret no one is ready to find out.. You're thinking " Cut the crap Sonia we know she's a werewolf" You know what I am doing right now? L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G ©All Rights Reserved 2020 by SallyReadex

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Chapter 1

"Please sir!I'll do everything but please don't fire me" I begged him but he was like rock-headed

"Liz I treat you like my daughter but it'd like bribing if I don't fire you!You might want to ask the manager"I frowned at the word 'manager'.

I hated the manage of this place heck every girl hated him.
He was a sexual assault but no one believed us when we said he did things with one girl who worked here.

Every guy here thought it was that dramatic character of a girl.

They didn't believe us..

I couldn't lose my virginity in that office!

I gulped and nodded.
I walked to his office and knocked...

" Come in"He said and I entered.
He looked up and when he saw it was me he held a mischevious smile on his face

"Oh..Liz" He said as he stood up and walked to me.
I stood there like a statue debating myself what to do...

"What are you doing here?" He whispered in my ear and I flinched.

I moved away from him but he continued taking steps towards me as I took steps backward.
I didn't realize I was gonna get trapped by the wall and ya' know?

"'re here for it?" He said smirking...not the playful one but the one that heard lust and evilness.

I can't!I can't

"I can't!!" I screamed and tears threatened to spill but I held them.back.

"I-i n-need t-to t-take m-my box" I stuttered .
He looked dissapointed and not believing it.

"I quit!" I said and started crying.

"But I don't think i started what I wanted to" He said and took steps leaving me trapped between the wall and him.

I have to admit he's handsome but his mind isn't clean in any way.

"Leave me alone" I said and hurried away from him walking under his hand which was trapping me.

I wiped away the tears and walked out of the office and the restaurant.

"Liz!Liz!" Wendy called me but I had already walked out.

Wendy was my only friend in like this hell hole you guys call a 'world'
Only people like me see this as a hell.
You can't see it when you're blinded by love,wealth and fame right?

I sighed and continued walking.
I noticed two guy standing there shirtless like they were waiting for me.

I just ignored it and continued walking.

Don't do this at home kids or in a lonely street with strangers!

I was about to walk away from them when they said "Mate" at the same time.
I cocked my eyebrow and looked at them and said "You see me as your friend at the same time we meet"

They were busy looking at each other in like a staring competition so they didn't hear me.
I studied them closely and they were *cough* hot *cough*

One had blue ocean eyes with a toned body and the other had green mesmerizing eyes and a toned body ofc...

"Excuse me?" I said and they turned their attention to me.
They seemed to come to their minds now.

Before I could even protest the blue eyed threw me on his shoulder like I was a paper he was throwing.
I kept hitting him in the back but instead I was like punching a metal.

How many times do they even go to the gym?

I can't die right now can I?No no!I can't died!I'm too young!

Accidentally and I said accidentally!I looked at his ass....*cough* it was......*cough* good-looking as him *cough*


Ha!Liz is finally gonna have fun in hell man!!
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