The noises

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A very short story to enjoy all in one take!

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The noises

Damn them. Damn them all with their booming, resounding noises. They come at night and keep me awake against my wishes. The darkened sky covers the world outside my house as I lay in bed, curled up in fresh blankets.

I spent the day as usual, hard-working through my tasks: drawing a mighty house with my family inside and the sun so big it would warm all of us- that’s what the sun does- I spent a long time making sure the sun was big enough.

I was very invested in this, my mighty drawing, that I almost forgot to attend my other duties. I had to practice math, to make my brain bigger, and as all the great minds I had a challenging problem. The complexities of the matter escaped me for a few hours and I let my mind breathe air as I took breaks, a great mind needs not to worry about the issue all the time. Eventually I came back to it, as it was my duty, and I managed to get to the end of the matter, establishing that seven by thirteen is indeed ninety-one.

Then I went down the stairs and into the street to keep my body trained. I ran around for a time that felt like infinity, my lungs getting bigger and smaller. I felt my heart beating quick. Soon I’ll be so quick I’ll play soccer for my hometown. After all, I completed two laps around my house today.

I’ve also lived an adventure today, as I usually do. People like me never stop going on adventures, we like the thrill. I broke out of jail along with my companion Vader and together we captured a mighty ship, the Falcon I believe, and flew out of there. We slayed their previous owners, two guys named Solo and Chewbacca. Then we tasted the air hitting our ship frenetically during the flight to our hidden hideout and there we went and rested. Man, I love my LEGO.

At the end of my day, busy as all the others, my bed called me to him whispering words of comfort, glancing at me with warmth. I accepted his invite and prepared to rest. But then they came and began. Damn them. They started with the unbearable racket, the noises attacking my ears like lions on the prey. They broke me out of my comfort, keeping me awake. I’ve been in my bed for an hour now, trying to fall asleep but the noises keep me conscious. If only they’d let me rest, I have another busy day tomorrow. I move multiple times, put my pillow on and off at the sides of my head trying to find peace but all my efforts are vain. Damn them all. I’d burn their stage to the ground and the park with it. If only the karaoke wasn’t so loud. Kindergarten starts early tomorrow.

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