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Religious islamic stories for kids. To know the depth of Islamic history from the biginning of time Suitable for all age of people.

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Adam and Eve-part 1

These stories are based on religious beliefs. And are not written to hurt anyone's beliefs.

Long long ago Allah ( God) subahana watala created the universe the sun, the moon, and the earth. He then decided to make the man. He then said the angels to collect clay from different parts of the earth. Angels collected clay from different parts of the earth.

Then Allah(God) subahana watala made the shape of a man. He called him Adam ( PBUH). Then he kept this figure for 40 years. These 40-year angels and jinns kept wondering what is this thing. But Iblis ( Satan) felt scared of the figure. One day Allah subahana watala breath his sprit to Adam (PBUH).

When sprit reached his head Adam (PBUH) sneezed. When sprit reached his eyes he looked at the fruits and vegetables. When the spirit reached his stomach he felt hungry and wanted to eat the fruits. He jumped in a hurry before sprit could reach leg. And tumble over. Then Allah said the man is impatient.

Then Allah (SWT) then ordered angels and Iblis to prostrate in from of Adham ( PBUH) but these were to show respect to him not worship him. All of the angels prostrated before Adham (PBUH) except Iblis. He thought he was better than Adham as he was created from fire. And Adam ( PBUH) was created from clay. He even argued with Allah (SWT).

From that moment Iblis became Satan. Allah has cursed Iblis until the day of judgment. Satan understood his future that Allah would throw him in the hellfire. He requested special power from Allah (SWT) so that he could mislead the human and take them to the hellfire with him. Allah excepted his last request and gave him the power. Allah warned us if anyone follows Satan he would throw them in the hellfire with him. Allah (SWT) gave us the Quran to guide us from Satan.

Adam(PBUH) was alone in paradise years went by and he felt really lonely. One day he slept for some time and when he woke up he saw a woman whom Allah(SWT) created from his shoulders left rib. Adam (PBUH) ashed him ′ who are you?′ She answered ′ woman’ he then asked ‘Why are you been created?’ She answered ′ so that you can find peace in me’

Angels were trying to test the knowledge of Adam (PBUH) so they asked ′ what is her name?′ He said ‘Eve’ they asked ‘why is he name Eve?’ He said because she was created from something living.

Adam and Eve were living happily in a paradise. Allah (SWT) gave them permission to enjoy everything present in paradise except for one tree. Allah told them Satan was there greatest enemy and he would want both of them out of paradise. And both of them understood that they were forbidden to eat the fruit of that tree.

Many years had gone by. And Adam was only a human and human tendency to forget. And Satan took Adams's weakness to his advantage. And one day Satan whispered to Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. They forgot the warning of Allah. They took one of the fruit and took the bit. But before they could finish the fruit the felt there heart pounding and felt the pain sadness and shame. The surrounding atmosphere had changed and the eternal music had stopped. They discovered they were naked and they both covered themselves with leaves. They were in big trouble after they disobeyed Allah. Allah sent both of them put of paradise.
It was Friday when they set foot on the earth and it was also Friday when Adam (PBUH) was created. That’s why the best day is Friday.

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