Shattered souls

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Short stories or character sketches about people i see on the street in my everyday life.

Mehad Mohamed
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Her lonely life

She is always alone.. even today on her birthday she is still alone. She is sitting on a bench in the street, watching the people come and go with their loved ones while she is lonely in life. She doesn't have a boyfriend, a parent, a sibling, or any relative or a friend for that matter. She is as lonely as anyone can be, yet she is surrounded by people all the time. However, not even one of these people is close to her. They seem to be on a different planet than her.

She looks pale and her hair is limp around her face as if it wants to emphasize her loneliness and misery. She is wearing a dull grey shirt with dark blue jeans. She doesn't look that bad, but she most certainly looks as miserable as she feels.

Her eyes move around looking from one person to another searching for company, but everyone looks at her with horrified expressions. Maybe because her eyes are bloodshot red, maybe because her face is as pale as death itself, or maybe because her dark circles are the size of a watermelon underneath her eyes, but what they don't know is that's because sleep doesn't visit her all that often. She hasn't slept in a week and that has its consequences of course.

" Why am I so weird?" She thought to herself. "I have to change that. I have to look normal so that people wouldn't just look at me with disgust and never look at me again, but I don't know how to be normal. I don't even know what is normal."

There was no denying that she is weird, but what can she do? She has been living her whole life in isolation, and when she starts to see some people, she discovers that she doesn't fit in. She looks weird, and talks in a different language than the people around her.

Her mother has always been too afraid that people would hurt her, so she kept her hidden away all the time. Now, that her mother is dead, she can get out of the house, and meet people. She would do anything to have even one friend. Her mother was all she had her whole life, and now she is alone. She needs people to like her. She needs love and affection. They are like drugs to her. Without them, she feels deprived and agitated all the time.

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