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Elisha has always loved anime and manga so much that he wants to got to another world he prays about it everyday then one day it happened

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Chapter 1

Am tired of this why is it like this,why! Why! Why! Am just 12 years old and am handsome even though it hasn't been verified yet (you know am handsome though). Ha! who am i even thinking to? My name is Elisha I love anime,manga and I read light novels if it's not Friday,Saturday or Sunday I cant.If you wanna know it's because am not allowed to use my electronics without my parents permission and they only let me use it on those days. Occasionally Thursdays and i can only read manga on those days as well.I was angry because I,I want to go to another world it's probably not your first time hearing this before,people die and get reincarnated. Sometimes they make it be like god makes a mistake and they die.And maybe once in while they wont die but whenever they don't die they never start life as a baby.You might think am crazy but I am serious so I do what any christian would do pray about it.And I believe that it will happen one day sigh. The world I want it to be is a world like my hero academia if you watch anime you may know.But if you don't it up i don't want to talk to much. The ability i want to have is demon slayer zenitsu search it up he's so cool.My older brother will have fairy tail Gray's power. But there is just 1 big problem if people have anime characters powers wont there be no ... "a anime!!!!!!!!!!!" "Elisha what happened!" " N nothing sorry dad." oh my God what is that light.........
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