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Transfered it's a magic circle am joking it can't be anything that cliche anyway,am the one who's calm I know what this is. I prayed to God and the thing below me is a summoning cross (I think it's a cross of Jesus that summons you I made it anyway). Meanwhile my dad "Elishaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!,am coming okay!!" he's so flustered ,wait did he just say he's coming, "Wait dad if it's gonna take anyone let it take ,me!", I said with a sad face.My dad looked so touched but in my head am thinking stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me go. You guys may think am cruel for doing this and leaving my family but am gonna see them anyways so. Oh so that's what's going to happen God sent somethings in my head and the language is English so that spares me learning anything I can just train.The good thing is that i have no cheats(special abilities). W where am I,I feel li li liquid oh my. They finally got me out needless to say I was being born wait why are they looking at me like that oh I forgot if you don't cry you get beat. "Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" You want me to cry, take it take it take it!!!!!!!! That was long oh wait it's my big bro ah I can't move, hmmmm.W

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