Wounded Places

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A Mother’s Grief

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Chapter two

My Son was a wonderful man, he had flaws and was imperfect but show me one who is without imperfection and without flaws.

I love everything about him, his imperfections and corky ways. What he dealt with here on earth was hidden from me. Maybe he never felt the need to trouble me with it. So I write to him this.

My dearest son

Forget someone’s assumptions about you. Sometimes people get so jaded that it brings them some kind of weird satisfaction to point out what they assume to be flaws in you from afar. They let stirred up feelings inside of them be mistaken for permission to attack and judge and reduce you down to their worst thoughts about you. If they can’t readily share something they love about you, they don’t know you. If they haven’t ever admitted their own flaws and insecurities and uncertainties to you, they don’t know you.

And if they don’t know you, they can’t possibly correctly discern your true intentions. So, they can’t possibly speak as if their assumptions are facts. Chances are, they are hurting or hunting for trouble. Or they are genuinely concerned but didn’t let the Lord help them filter their words to you. Don’t attack back. Don’t betray who you are in a moment of feeling offended.

Wonderful thing is you never attacked back, when you should’ve in certain things. I see my son being a strong man when those who attacked or tried to control you didn’t win, they failed in their attempts to do so.

So then they stand trying so hard now that your gone to be so caring about you and their selfishness ways in saying I only wanted the best for him. When all along that wasn’t the truth, sadly those like them are adult bullies and they know this and they want to fool me with it. But I see right through them and they know it to be true.

As I learn more things you dealt with, I keep it silently to my self as I want to keep them wondering. I don’t have to deal with them and now blessed nor do you, which gives me so much comfort and peace now.

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