Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 10: The Elders Visit The Packhouse

I was in my bedroom when there was a knock at the door. I opened it and saw a pack member standing there. The Elders your grandparents are downstairs. I will be right there I said shutting the door. I wonder if they are here to reprimand me for my current behaviors and attitude.

I brushed my hair and walked out of my room shutting the door. I walked down the stairs and bowled my head. Elder Bones, Elder Karan. Hello grandpa, I said hugging him. Hello grandma I said as I hugged her. Are you here to yell at me? Now why would we yell at our faviorate granddaughter? I am your only grandchild and you both know it. They laughed at me. You are so right. Now, where is Alpha Brandon? My face hardened. He should be coming down soon.

I am right here. Elder Bones he bowled, Elder Karen. Alpha Brandon they said. Would you like some coffee I asked? That would be lovely dear. I asked a pack member to bring coffee out to the back porch. Let’s go sit on the back porch since it is a nice day I said. I followed behind my grandparents as they followed Brandon.

We all sat down, and Brandon asked if they had found out anything new about the upcoming war. We have found a few things. Brandon if you do not stop cheating your bond with Rain will break. Even though it breaks you two will remain mated. And the more you cheat the more your wolf Silver will withdraw and soon your wolf will die.

Rain you will become stronger and feel no pain when if Brandon is to die. But the worst is to come. Brandon should you continue with your cheating ways the war could still be lost due. The two of you are stronger when you are togeather. When you combine your abilities. For in fact it is love that will always end at the end of the day.

But hate will always be the loser come what may. I don’t hate Rain. But Rain hates you. Her undying love for you is increased with hate each time you think of another woman or put your dick in another woman.

Brandon you have continued to believe that even though you cheat your mate will never leave you. Granted physically she won’t. But mentally and emotionally she is. Her heart turns to stone each time you think of kissing or having sex with another woman. Soon her hate for her mate will be 100% hate, her heart 100% stone. Then your bound will break and be final and the war will be lost.

You may have loved Rain 100% when she was small. But you have always lusted after women. If you absolutely loved your mate, she is the one you only think about. So, be prepared to suffer your own fate. For your love will lie in state. Unable to awake due to her true love deceiving her and choosing to be with others instead of her alone.

That is the prediction coming before the war. So, be prepared for someone trying to take your true love from you and taking her to a faraway place where he can admire her while she sleeps. She must be well guarded to keep her safe. Remember Brandon you have been warned.

What the hell are the Elders talking about? I walked from the room to try and find out what the hell love is going to be taken from me. I looked at. Mark, I mind linked him. Come to my office. I walked into Brandon’s office. You heard what the Elders said. “I heard what they said.”

What the hell are they talking about. Tell me Brandon, would you die of a broken heart if Rain was to die? You hesitate. Would you die of a broken heart if Linda were to die? No. Then it must be Rain. They are telling you that soon, Rain will lay in state. In a coma. Until you come to your senses.

However, when we are at war some other male will come and destroy this packhouse and see Rain laying in state. He will fall in love with her and take her from us to a faraway place where he will sit by her side and admire her beauty. But until her real love admits his love, and does not cheat will she be awakened.

That other male will keep Rain hidden and love her even as she remains in the coma and lies sleeping. She may never wake up. Sort of like sleeping beauty. She is going to be taken from us and moved where we cannot find her.

The elders are warning you about what is about to come. We will lose the war when that man takes Rain from us. We will lose our Luna. The person we will all die to protect. You will die of a broken heart not knowing where Rain is and if she still lives. Silver will die. You will become human.

That is not possible. I believe it is written down. Help me find it. I will do my best I said walking away. It has been hours before I found the prediction. Shit, Brandon is not going to like this. It is not a Vampire that falls in love with Rain. It is his enemy. Revenge is in love with Rain.

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