Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 11: Brandon Finds Out Who Will Take Rain

I walked into Brandon’s office and sat down. Revenge is the man who will find Rain during the war and take her away from her Brandon. Revenge is the man that loves her and wants her for himself. But he cannot make her wake up.

So, he will sit beside her day in and day out watching over her dreaming of the day she will wake up so he can mate with her and make her his. He can’t have Rain. She is mine. She is already mated to me. But you cannot honestly say that you would die of a broken heart if Rain was taken from you.

You cannot say that you really love her due to your continued cheating. The prophecy says that the man that truly loves Rain will have a heart full of love and think of her night and day. Will protect her with all that he is and all that he has. Will stop anyone from taking his true love from him.

Brandon, you cannot honestly stay that you are that man. Your heart does not think of Rain and Rain alone. You have thought of other women and of getting them in bed. The man the prophecy is talking about may not be you.

I am watching my love from afar. I watch her walking outside and watching over the children. Talking to her friends. She looks so beautiful with her long hair flowing down her back to her knees. She is harder since she has come back to his packhouse. He hurts her when he has sex with that slut.

I laughed when my queen made her moved that 20-foot pile of dirt. When she did not let her rest for a few days before making her train. My queen can be vindictive when someone takes what is hers. She is my second chance mate. I will have her soon. The hidden room is almost completed. No one will ever find her while she lies in state.

The war will be won but not without the loss of many, many wolfs. Human our mate is beautiful. Why can’t we take her now? That is not how the prophecy works. Soon Wolf we will have our mate with us. Soon she will lie in her beautiful bed and be taken care of and soon she will awaken. But that will be years from now.

Wolf remember, we can sit and admire and love her and touch her even if we don’t see her eyes looking back at us. Remember all in good time. Brandon will suffer for not taking care of what the Moon Goddess has given him. She promised we would have our mate.

I sighed and smiled at the anger and hate in her eyes when Brandon or Linda was near her. I laugh when she reads their minds and she cock blocks him. Then she punishes Linda for trying to sneak to be with Brandon. She is going to be a strong queen.

We need to leave our queen for now. We must go back to the packhouse and train our members to prepare them to be the strongest. We must have the strongest warriors to protect Rain when the time comes. I took one last look at Rain before changing and running to our own territory.

I arrived back at our packhouse. I changed back and put on shorts before walking from the woods. Alpha Revenge would you like to see the room where our queen will lay in state? I followed the pack member and stepped into my bedroom and over to the wall. We pushed the button and then walked into the closet and over to the hidden wall.

We walked up the stairs and to her room. It is beautiful. The windows all around it. It is so high up not one wolf can reach the windows, and no one can look in them. But you can sit anywhere in her room and see outside on all sides It is beautiful. Against one wall is her clear bed. It looks like her mattress is floating off the floor.

The covers are beautiful and the bed ready for her. I walked over to the closet and pushed the button. I looked at the clothes that had been prepared for her. All made for a queen. Her shoes for her small feet. The dresser full of bras, underwear and shorts, jeans, and shirts of all kinds.

On the vanity sat hairbrushes, combs, perfume that she likes and make up. It is ready. There is a radio along another wall with a fireplace. On each side sat two chairs one a rocking chair the other a chair for me.

You have done well I said looking around. Your queen will waken to the most beautiful room ever. And our enemies will never find her. She will lay in state until the Moon Goddess awakens her. When the time is right, we will take her and bring her here. Let’s go I said walking out of the room that Rain will lie in state in.

We closed the secret doors and walked into my bedroom. I closed the door and we walked out of the door and into the hallway. We have worked on her room for five years. It had to be perfect and it was. Even if someone managed to destroy our packhouse she will be safe.

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