Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 12: Rain Thinks Of Everything Her Grandparents and Elders Have Said

I walked to my room and opened the door and locked it after me. I looked at the file grandmother handed me. It had the prophecy in it. I sat down and then mine link a pack member to bring a pot of coffee and creamer to my room. I heard the knock on the door.

I walked over and opened it. Please place it on the table over there. I closed the door and locked it after she left the room. I walked back to the table and poured me a cup and put cream in it. I drank it as I read and read the prophecy.

I am thinking that I have a second chance mate and he will find me when I am laying in state. He will take me from this packhouse and place me in a safe and secure place where I will be protected from the war. He will watch over me and protect me. I will have assigned warriors to protect me when he cannot.

My second chance mate will not cheat. He will not have sex with other women as he watches over me. The Moon Goddess has seen what Brandon has done and she is terribly upset with him. She will make him suffer. Brandon will lose his wolf and become human. He will remain the Alpha of this packhouse but due to his poor choices he will lose me in the process.

Brandon will lose the respect of the other Alpha’s and he will be very depressed due to losing Silver. But Silver will not die. The Moon Goddess will place him in the body of a human with a pure heart. Silver will find his mate again, but he will not love her as a mate. He will love her as his sister.

After the war, Silver will waken Rain from her state along with the help of Revenge. Silver is Athena’s brother. The love of a brother and the love of a mate will awaken Rain from her state. Why did grandmother and grandfather not tell Brandon this? I felt Athena waken up. Because Brandon will try to hide us from our second chance mate. What will happen to you Athena while I lie in state?

I will talk with my new mate. And when Silver finds us I and he will remember our love for each other but not as mates but us brother and sister. The moon goddess has talked to both of us. She does not want us to hurt so she will replace the love as the love of siblings. We are thankful to her for that. I am sorry you will lose Silver, Athena.

I’m not. I will have him back but like I said as a brother. He will find a wonderful mate Rain. She is going to be beautiful and kind and loving. My brother will be with a human Alpha that is good and pure. He will be our neighbor. My new mate will be strong and loving just like Silver. So do not cry over what is to be. We both will always be attached to you in some way. You will not remember Silver as our mate so do not grieve. If you are sure we will not lose Silver. We won’t. I felt her lie back down in the back of my mind.

I continued to read the documents and know that when I go into state it will be three years before the war will start. The second year I will be taken from this packhouse and moved to my second chance mate. Since Brandon choose not to change his ways and he becomes human the moon goddess feels fit to give me a mate who will not cheat or hurt me.

I got up and put the file in my closet on the shelf to re-read later. I walked out of my room and down the hallway. I heard my name called. I turned and looked at Brandon. Can I talk to you Rain? I walked down the hall to his office. He shut the door after I walked in. Please sit down.

I sat down in the chair facing him. He looked at me with sad eyes. Rain I have loved you since you were born. Then he sighed. But my human side has stopped loving you long ago. Silver, yes love it is I. I needed to tell you that I have loved you the day I held you in my arms and I still love you.

I want you to understand that this is written before we were born. I do not want you to grieve for me and what will happen. I will come back as Athena’s brother, but I will still have love for you. Just not as a mate. We will remine connected and if you are to ever have need of me, I will be there. Make no mistake about that.

You will have your ever after. Brandon and his slut will both become human and lose their wolves. They will be togeather but in the end he will grow to hate her and want you. But he will not remember you when he sees you again. He will just know that somehow you once were his. He will remember in his dreams of the love he lost because he let’s say thought the grass was greener on the other side. So do not feel bad about what is to come.

You better leave before I give Brandon back his body. I hugged Silver and told him he is forever in my heart. He smiled down at me and kissed me. I turned and walked out of the door closing it behind me. I sat back down at the desk and picked up the document reading it before going into the back of Brandon’s mind.

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