Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 13: The Twins Turn 16 Years Of Age

The pack members were preparing the pack house for all the kids 16th birthday. Next year they will all be gone. They will be taken someplace unknown to any of us for their training. Grandpa says that they will return on their 20th birthday in time to celebrate. And that night I know that I will be in a coma.

I looked around at the presents stacked in areas for the twins. The twins and their Bata mates are wonderful. They have been happy and a joy to have around. For some reason they all have protected me through the years. I love all these kids. They will win this war. I am confident of that. They will fight to protect and keep me safe.

The twins in the other territories have been in contact with each other. Often, we see all the twins sitting in a circle and they seem to be mediating. I know better. They are all talking to each other. About what I do not know. We just go about our business and let them get on with theirs. We do not interfere as instructed by the moon goddess.

I have learned to watch Brandon and Linda sneak away. When this happens, the twins put a protective circle around me. I laugh at Linda when she thinks she knows something I don’t. But today is the day I get to confront them both with the truth. I walked into Brandon’s office and saw that Linda was in there as well. I sat down on the couch grinning.

“What the hell are you grinning about Rain?” Brandon asked me. The moon goddess said today is the day I can tell you your future. What the hell are you talking about? Brandon you will lose Silver. You will become human in one year. But Silver will be given to another human who will become the Second strongest Alpha in the US.

Linda you will also become human. Your wolf however will die. She will not be given to another human because she is a slut just like you. Brandon you will remain the Alpha here and you will mate with “oh, wait, not mate. Marry Linda” but, you will never fully love her. I will be given a second chance mate. But you will forever want me. You and Linda will not be able to have children.

I on the other hand will have more children. You will see me often in the future and you will lust for me. I on the other hand will continue to hate you. I laughed and stood up. You two have reaped what you have sawn. The moon goddess can be merciful or vindictive.

Linda you also will never be called the Luna of this pack. New laws are being written right now. Only the true mate of an Alpha can be given the title of Luna. I am Brandon’s true mate. But I have earned a second chance mate. Brandon when you screw Linda it will never be her face you see. It will be mine so remember that Linda when he screams out my name. That is justice don’t you think I said laughing and walking out of Brandon’s office.

Brandon that can’t be true. The moon goddess cannot be that vindictive, can she? Yes, she can. And yes, it is true. It is in the prophecy. I will not see your face when I make love to you. I will see Rain’s and I will scream her name out to remind us both that I deceived my true-life mate the moon goddess gave me.

And yes, it is true we will both become human and lose our wolf. As for the Luna title. That also is true. That title will always belong to Rain. She will forever and always be the real Luna of this pack. There is nothing we can do about it. I will not be able to mark you. But I want to be the Luna. I want you to mark me. I won’t be able to. I will not have a wolf to mark you. And the Elders have forbidden that the tile of Luna be given to someone who is not the true live mate or second chance mate.

Then I don’t want to be with you. Too bad. The prophecy is written. You will marry me in the end. And I in turn will learn to hate your fucking guts. Because you are not Rain. I will only have sex with you to see Rains face. You bastard. Well, I guess I am. It is what we both deserve.

Get the hell out of my office Linda I need to think. I watched as she stormed out of my office. I and Dorothea were sitting on the back porch when we saw Linda storm across the yard. “You fucking bitch she yelled at me”. I looked at her grinning. I am arn’t I. You are getting just what you deserve.

When you go against the moon goddess, she has a way to make you pay for it. I wanted to become the Luna and now that will never happen. No, it won’t. Not for you or any other female wolf who thinks she can come between true mates. I will forever be known as the Luna of this pack. I will forever hold the title of Luna of this pack.

Is that not ironic I said laughing. She drew her hand back to hit me and flew her across the yard where she hit a tree. "Do not ever think you can raise your hand to me. I am your Luna and you would do well to remember that. " It is because of you and your hatred that Brandon and I will lose our wolves. "No, that is the moon goddess decision. I am not that powerful."

But I am powerful. Be happy with what you will get. You wanted Brandon. My mate. You will get Brandon but without a wolf. I on the other hand will have a strong second chance mate and the most powerful Alpha in the U.S. One who will not cheat on me. But punish female wolfs who try to get him to have sex with them. I so will enjoy watching you and Brandon hate each other.

Now, I looked at two warriors. Take this bitch to the fields. She is to work in the gardens for the next month from sunup to sundown. She is also to attend all day trainings on the weekends. I watched as they dragged Linda away.

Is it true? "What. I asked her." That no she-wolf who is not the true mate of an Alpha or second chance mate of an Alpha be given the title of Luna? "It is true." I looked at Dorothea as she busted out laughing. What about marking. "The Alpha cannot Mark the she-wolf either unless she is his true mate or second chance mate either I told her."

I think I love the war that is coming. Dorothea I will soon go into state. I know she told me. Do not worry. We have been preparing your room for three years. All the twins have put a protective barrier around you when you do go into state. They made it to where only your second chance mate can enter the room and remove you from it. No one will be able to harm you. Especially Linda.

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