Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 14: The Twins All Leave The Pack houses

I was incredibly sad as today is all the twins 17th birthday. We kissed all the twins goodbye as they loaded the buses the elders had sent to the pack house. Sky and Rider looked at me. "Mother do not worry. We will watch over you anywhere we are. And we will be simply fine. We know that our race is depending on all of us to win this war. We will win it."

"We will also be fine where we are going. We will work hard and learn to control the powers we are given. We love you and we know that we cannot have contact for the next two years. We look forward to coming home in two years. And spending the day celebrating with you."

"But that is the night I go into state." And you will be well protected from anyone who seeks to harm you. We want you to rest in peace knowing that you will be well protected. No harm will come to you. The moon goddess has made sure of that. "I will miss all of you twins. Please do be careful." No worries mother they said kissing and hugging me good-bye.

"I cried as I watched my children board the bus and drive away from the pack house. Dorothea, our children have grown to be very smart and beautiful. " Yes, they have. When the war is over, they will have some beautiful children. But the question is, “will I ever get to be known as their grandmother?”

I am sure that you will. You will forever be my best friend Rain. No matter what. We turned and walked over to sit at the table on the porch. It is too quiet. All the teenagers are gone. There are a few young once running around in the backyard. I miss the sound of music, laughter, and arguing. Will we ever get used to it? "I am sure we will Dorothea said looking at me."

I have an idea. Let’s go to the cabin. Just you and me. Have a girl’s weekend. "Let me mine link Mark." I looked up as Mark walked toward us. Hello girls. I know it is quiet right now. It is. I came to kiss my mate goodbye. This weekend will be good for both of you. I will be out of town anyway.

"Where are you going, we asked him?" I am going to your father’s pack house for a meeting Rain. "About what?" I am to meet your father, mother, and grandparents there. I was informed it has to do with while you lay in state. I was also told I would talk to you about it when I got back but not here at the pack house.

I was informed that I was to take you two shopping in Paris. I grinned." I have never been to Paris before." Well I am taking both of you there. We will spend one whole month there. We are so excited. Now, you two go to the cabin and enjoy your time together.

You are both too stressed over the twins leaving. "It’s a mother thing Mark. We want our children close by us. We do not know what is happening to them." They will be fine. Now go. Go pack a suitcase and go to the cabin and have fun. We stood up and Dorotha hugged and kissed Mark before we walked to our own rooms to pack a suitcase.

Once we packed our cases, we met downstairs. One of the warriors that I had watch Linda move the dirt took our cases and put them in the trunk of the care while we got into the back seat. I saw the other female warrior sitting in the passenger side. Hello, Luna Rain, Beta Dorothea. "Hello, it is good to see you both again."

"How was your two-week vacation?" Luna it was the best. We really enjoyed our self. "I am happy to hear that." Dorothea and I sat back and talked about the shopping we will do in the small town and getting massages and being lazy for once. We had not gone away by ourselves in a long time.

And I liked the two female warriors. They are the best in our pack. We arrived at the cabin and the warriors carried our suitcases to our rooms and they picked out the rooms for themself. We looked at the warriors and said, “no uniforms please” We waited until they walked out in regular shorts, tee shirts, and sandals.

That is more like it I said looking at them. Now I say we all go get massages and walk through the town and go shopping at the second hand stores. I love going to them looking for old items. After we had done all that and I found several real feather pillows and quilts we put the items in the trunk and then walked to a restaurant.

We ate lunch and enjoyed being away from the pack house. "Luna can we ask you something? "Sure. "Is it true that you will soon go into state? " Yes, it is true. "We were asked by the twins to take special training and become your bodyguards. We like you." What kind of special training? "The twins did not say. But they said it would be very intensive."

"If you agree to us becoming your personal bodyguards along with our brothers and sisters, we want to do it." How many are there of you. "I have four brothers and two sisters". "And I have three sisters and five brothers. We are all warriors. We want to do this. But we must have your permission to leave the pack house for three months."

"You have my permission". Luna we will be connected to you somehow. We asked the twins, but they said they could not tell us unless we agreed to do this. If this is really something you all want to do. Then by all means. You have my blessing.

I watched as the warriors smiled at each other. We really do want this. It means we get to stay with you and protect you and become the best of the best. No one will be able to beat us. And you will always be protected while you sleep and when you wake up. It will not be a burden for us to do this. We were born to protect you Luna.

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