Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 15: Mark Meets with the Elders & Rains parents

I arrived at Alpha Renegades and Luna Peggy's home. I thanked them for having me and then I bent my head to the Elders Bones and Karan.

Please come in Mark and have a seat. What we are going to discuss will be between the four of us and then Dorothea and Rain only. The phropshey states that While Rain is in state her second chance mate will come for her.

The two female warriors and their siblings will be going for special training and will be Rain's personal body guards before, while, and after she comes out of state.

Mark after the war is over you and Dorothea will win a huge reward. Do to your following the Moon Goddesses rules you have pleased her very much.

Now. The prophecy says that two months after Rain is in state the body guards will remove Rain from Brandon's territory and take her to Alpha Revenges pack house in the middle of the night.

They will be met in the woods by Alpha Revenge and his warriors and taken to her final resting place until the war is won. Then and only then will the moon goddess waken her.

After Rain is woken there will be a meeting with Alpha Brandon, Linda, Rain, Alpha Revenge, you and Dorothea. Alpha Brandon's pack members will see the arrival of the Moon Goddess and at that time Brandon and Linda will become human. They will never have pups. Linda will never be the Luna only Rain will remain as the true Luna. And Alpha Brandon will grow to hate Linda and yarn for Rain.

Mark you will receive a second wolf. You will receive Silver and become the second strongest pack in the U.S. You will become an Alpha and best friends with Alpha Revenge and Rain. Dorothea will become a Luna. All this will take place in front of Alpha Brandon, Linda, and your current pack members.

You and Alpha Revenge will be the only two Alpha's to have two wolves. What you do not know is that Silver is your wolf's brother. They want to live in you together.

I was shocked. I am going to become an Alpha? Yes, you are. And Silver, Alpha Brandon's wolf will become my other wolf? That is correct. Does Silver know this? Yes, he does but Brandon does not know who will receive Silver.

This is Alpha Brandon's punishment. As you know the Moon Goddess can be merciful or vindictive. And she has become so angry with her children not keeping their self pure and waiting for their true mates.

The other prophesy will be that any one that rejects their mate will never be able to claim their rejected ate again and they will not be able to have pups of their own. But the rejected mate will have a second chance mate and pups.

Within two years as he war moves closer to the pack house the bodyguards will know when it is time to move Rain to Alpha Revenges packhouse.

We hope that you, Dorothea, and Rain have a wonderful time in Pairs the elders said. That is when you will tell Dorothea and Rain what we discussed.

We must leave now. It was nice to see you again. I watched as the elders walked out of Renegades office. Wow, I said. The moon goddess must be very angry. Yes, she is. It will be interesting to see Alpha Brandons expression when the moon goddess transfers Silver from him to be. And he becomes human.

He and Linda have reaped what they had sewn. This is their punishment and they made the choose to go against the moon goddess plans.

Well, I will take my leave and get back to the pack house. What am I to tell Alpha Brandon? I almost forgot. Here. This is the meeting we had. He handed me some documents and grinned. It has to deal with the upcoming war.

I took the documents and stood up. It was good seeing you both again I said. We hope to see you in three months. Good by Mark. Good by Alpha Renegade, Luna Peggy.

I turned and walked out of this office and down the hall. I walked down the stairs and out the front door where I got into my care and drove home.

The girls will be back in two days. We will prepare for our trip to Paris and be gone for one month. While we are going the two female warriors and their siblings will be in training but no one knows where.

During that time a few members have agreed to open their mind link if Linda attempts to have the members call her Luna Linda. That was the other thing that the moon goddess is planning.

Any woman who tried to claim herself to be the Luna will fell severe pain that will bring her to her knees until she acknowledges that she is not the Luna and never will be.

The moon goddess is going to explain that as well. And that no one can have the title Luna but the real mate of the Alpha. The woman who claims she is the Luna or tries to make a pack member call her Luna will have pain that does not stop until she stops that behavior.

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