Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 16: At The Cabin

We continued to enjoy ourselves at the cabin. The warriors enjoyed wearing regular clothes instead of the required uniform. I am the Luna, I can order them not to wear the uniform.

We all had fun going through the second hand stores, the museums and plantation houses. We took a ride in the old fashioned carriages and riding horses.

It was one day before we were to leave to return home when several pack members opened the mind link and I heard Linda demand that they call her Luna Linda until I got back. We looked at each other as we heard that they were having a party and her friends were coming tonight.

Linda said she expected them to call her Luna Linda and she and Brandon would meet the guest at 8:00 tonight. We thanked them and told them to prepare for a shock.

Do not tell Linda we are coming home tonight. And When she starts greeting the guests Dorothea and I would walk in the back door just as her guests start to arrive. I will be having her thrown into the cells once that comes out of her mouth or the guests.

I closed the mind link and told the warrior's and Dorothea what was going on and we are going home in an hour. We want to be at that door at 8:00 pm and we need to wear a warrior outfit to cover our smell.

So we borrowed the shirts they had on once we got into the pack house. This is going to be the best day of my life. Having that bitch thrown in the cells. And receiving her punishment for impersonating a Luna she will be whipped.

We arrived back at the cabin and packed our things the Warriors put on their uniforms and held the shirts so that they continued to have their sent on them.

The warriors drove through the gates while Dorothea laid down on the seats so we were not seen. They parked in the garage in a dark area and Dorothea and I put on their shirts. We looked out the door and saw the cars arriving.

We all walked into the house and watched as Brandon and Linda stood on the front porch. We waited unto the first Alpha said Alpha Brandon, Luna Linda. It is good to see you again. It has been a year. We walked forward and I said, Warriors arrest this bitch for impersonating a Luna.

Take her to the cells and I will have her punished on one hour. excuse me Alpha. But Linda is not the Luna of this pack. I am the Luna and my name Is Luna Rain. I Alpha Brandon's mate. I am so sorry that they both have fooled you all into thinking that Linda was Brandon's mate.

I assure you that she is not. I will be having her punished for impersonating a Luna. You are all welcome to see the punishment and have dinner afterwards. Please let my two Warriors escort you to the backyard.

Brandon looked at me in anger. But he knew that he could not stop what I had planned. I walked out back and told my warrior's to bring Linda forward and to tie her to the post. As we all watched I turned and said.

Linda has impersonates herself as the Luna of this pack. As the real Luna and mate of Alpha Brandon I have the right to determine the punishment.

Apparently when our Alpha had to go out of town he had Linda meet him and she attended conferences that were my rightful place. He interoduced her has his Luna.

We all know that was a lie. Linda is not the Luna of this pack. I am. Linda is nothing but a low she wolf. Her punishment is as follows.

1. Linda is not considered an Omega.

2. Lina will no longer leave this pack house when Alpha Brandon has to go away for meetings or conferences.

3. See that small building right behind me? That will be Linda's bedroom. She is no longer to be in the pack house at any time.

4. Linda will now work in the fields and gardens, she will do all the laundry for pack members. And that building right next to her now bedchamber is the washers and dryers.

5. Linda will be wiped with silver dipped in wolfbane. she will receive 20 lashes.

6. She will not change into her wolf for one year.

7. She will remain chained to this post for two weeks and fed bread and water.

And the final punishment. Number 8. Should Linda have any further contact with Alpha Brandon for any reason that I have not given her permission for she will be kicked out of this pack and become a rogue.

Any questions? Luna Rain is that not kind of harsh? Well now. I don't think so since she has been portraying herself as the Luna for over a year now and fucking my mate just as long.

We understand and after all you are the Luna and it is your right to decide the punishment. Well, thank you for that.

Let's proceed with the punishment. My warrior Sara will give the laches. Sara, you may start. As Linda screamed Brandon looked at me in anger. I just grinned at him and said. She deserves this and much, much more I said. We watched as her back was bleeding and the skin stripped from her back.

I grinned. She is going to wear those scars until the day she dies. She will remember not to fuck with me again. And I am enjoying the fact that I have cock blocked him where Linda is concerned at least until I go into state.

The punishment completed I invited those present to enjoy the meal inside that Linda has had prepared. We all walked into the pack house and the huge dining room. I took my place at the head of the table and told the Omega's to please start serving the meal.

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