Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter: 17 After Linda's Punishment

There were whispers of how Linda got what she deserved. Several Luna's congratulated me on outsmarting Linda and Alpha Brandon. Three of them grinned at me. Thank you they said? For what I asked.

We know that our own mates have done the same thing. We are going to dish out the same punishment. We are going to stand up for ourselves and not let our mates continue to get away with this. Just make sure that she has a party while she thinks you are taking a two week vacation.

Also get pack members you trust to leave there mine link open so that you hear her telling them that you that they are to be called the Luna while you are gone. Take two female warriors with you that you like and when you come home wear one of their shirts to block your sent. Let them wear street clothes instead of a uniform.

If you have any questions call me I said laughing. I will be happy to help you get your revenge. We would like that. It is time we get even for our mates cheating on us. They think if they do it out of town or in another state you won't feel it. So when they tell you where they are going I would suggesting that you follow them or have someone follow them and then let you know what is going on.

I watched as they guests all left the pack house. I then turned and walked outside with Dorothea and sat in a chair that the warriors sat out for Dorothea and I.

I looked at Linda who had been crying. You are a bitch Rain. That is Luna Rain to you and don't you ever forget it. From now on when you see me you will call me Luna Rain. Or I will punish you again.

You are not an Omega and do not forget it Linda. You are the lowest of lowest she wolf. I will continue to make you suffer if you so much as look at Brandon until I go into status. I grinned at her. You might as well learn how it feels to be human now.

To have no wolf to heal you, to give you strength. To be able to mark a mate that is not yours to mark. To get to continue to fuck my mate as you both will become human. He will never be able to mark you and you will never be the Luna.

The punishment will be so much worse then what I did if you tried to call yourself the Luna. I meant what I said about making you a rogue if you so much as look at Brandon. Have a nice time sleeping out her for the next two weeks.

Dorothea and I stood up and walked into the pack house. Where Brandon looked at me and called me a selfish bitch. Oh, my. I am selfish because I cock blocked you. My mate who promised to never cheat on me. My mate who was to love me?

I laughed. Brandon, you make me this way. You no good cheating son of a bitch. I look forward to coming out of my status. I will enjoy seeing the moon goddess punish both you and Linda. I look forward to hating Linda, and yearning to have your mate back which will never happen.

As I turned around and saw the pack members all standing around I said. Just remember that you and Linda brought this on yourselves. I said walking out of the room.

Mark, Dorothea and I decided to go to the movie room and watch some movies. We grabbed pop, popcorn, and candy before walking down the hall and the stairs.

We watched several movies before we decided to go see how Linda was whining and if Brandon had broken the rule that he is not to have any contact with Linda.

We cleaned up our mess and then shut the lights off before walking down the hall. We stopped walking when we heard Brandon talking to someone.

He was telling them what punishment I had given out. Then we heard. But Elder Bones don't you think it was excessive? Then what do you mean you will not interfere? I see. So what you are saying is that it is the Luna's right to give out the punishments anyway she sees fit?

Fine. But I don't think it is fair that Rain has banded Linda from talking to me. I see. I understand. I will see you and elder Karen tomorrow than. Goodbye.

Then we heard Brandon tell someone that the elders have heard about the punishment and they all agree with it. They fucking are on her side. They told me that my behavior had gone on for over a year and must stop. Or else they will give me a punishment.

They are coming here tomorrow to talk to me and they want Rain present when they do so. I have a bad feeling I am not going to like what they have to say.

May I speak openly Alpha? Yes. I see it as you and linda have lied to other Alpha's about her being the Luna when she wasn't and isn't. You have cheated on our Luna for over a year and that does not look good for our pack.

And you have not stopped Linda from telling others she is the Luna when you should have. So I don't think the punishment that the elders would give you would be good.

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