Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 18: The Elders meet with Rain and Brandon

I was up and dressed for the meeting with Elder Bones and Elder Karen my grandparents. I walked down the stairs and saw Brandon already waiting at the door. I walked over and stood next to him.

He opened the door for the Elders to enter. Alpha Brandon, Luna Rain. I knew this was serious since my grandparents did not call my by my name.

I bowed my head and said, Elder Bones, Elder Karan. Please come in. May we talk in your office Alpha Brandon? Yes Elder Bones. Please follow me. We followed Brandon up the stairs to his office. Once inside he shut the door before walking around his desk and sitting down. I sat down on the couch while the elders sat in the chairs facing Brandon.

I waited for one of the Elders to talk. Brandon we did not approve of you calling us regarding the punishment that Luna Rain gave to your whore. Everything that your whore has done warranted the punishment that Luna Rain handed down.

The punishment stands. As for you. The elders have decided that if you attempt to have contact with the whore or cheat on Luna Rain again we will have you lasted with silver and wolfsbane. You will receive 25 lashes, then you will be forbidden to turn into your wolf until the war starts. You will also wear a star showing that you are an adulterer.

Is there any questions regarding what your punishment will be if you continue your current behaviors? No, elder. That’s good. Make no mistake Alpha Brandon. You have made the moon goddess very angry. You will receive her punishment when the war ends.

Now we have three other meetings we must attend. Have a good day. Luna Rain. The elders have agreed that your punishment for Alpha Brandon’s whore is very fit and it fits her crimes. It was nice seeing you again Rain. Grandfather, grandmother. Please come again when you are not in the elder position.

We will come for the BBQ you are planning in two weeks. Your parents and brothers are coming as well. I look forward to seeing them as well. Good by grandfather, grandmother I said hugging and kissing them.

I watched as they walked out of the door and down the hallway and down the stairs. I turned and looked at Brandon grinning. You still don’t get to have any contact with your whore or any other she-wolf until I go into status.

I laughed and turned toward the door. Then turned back and looked at him. Word of advice. Remember the punishment if you fuck up Brandon. I then walked down the hall to the stairs laughing.

I walked outside and over to Linda. The elders were here Linda would you like to know why? Brandon called them last night regarding my punishment for you.

My punishment stands. And Brandon was informed that should he try to have any contact with you or any other she-wolf he will receive a punishment by the elders. The elders have decided that if you attempt to have contact with the whore

or, any other she-wolf or cheat on Luna Rain again the elders will have Brandon lashed with silver and wolfsbane. Brandon will receive 25 lashes, forbidden to turn into his wolf until the war starts. And he will also wear a star showing that you are an adulterer.

I find that he deserves all of that and more. So if you thought you could get out of the punishment I have given you. Think again. You will not be fucking my mate for at least two years. I laughed and walked away from Linda to sit on the porch at the table with Mark and Dorothea.

I told them what the Elders have decided Brandon's punishment will be if he screws up again. I also told them the Elders agreed with my punishment and that it stands.

Brandon was pissed about that. They also told him they did not like him calling them trying to get them to change the punishment. I think it was partly that they are not only the elders but my grandparents.

That could me. By the way in two weeks we are going to have a family BBQ. I want Linda locked in her new bedroom. I also want a bathroom build on to that building and finished before she is off the post.

Mark said I will take care of that. We can get it done in two to three days. Good. She to have no TV or Radio. She is to have books only to read. Cards to play and no cell phone or visitors. Got you Rain.

Rain you can be so evil at times. But I like it. They should never have done what they have to you. I can't wait until the BBQ. She will be able to see the fun we are having but not be able to eat the food or participate.

I also want her to have a meal of Baked Fish, french fries, and sliced tomatoes along with cake, and milk. Her mouth will water wanting all the food we members will be eating. That is the point.

She does not deserve what the rest of us eat. She will remember that she should have stayed in her place. Linda is to no longer wear the nice clothes, shoes, makeup, or have a soft bed to lie in.

She will not get to have her nails and hair done anymore. She is going to learn that what she had she no longer gets to have. She is going to suffer. She is going to wish she had not fucked my mate and tried to claim that she was the Luna.

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