Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 2: One year later

We were having a pack BBQ today. It was amazing watching all the twins running around the pack grounds. They are all growing up fast. I heard Sky scream, papa, papa as my dad and mom walked out the door. Sky ran to dad and he lifted her in the air, and she was hugging him and giving him kisses. How is my favorite little girl?

I good papa. Are you good? I am fantastic I told her. I kissed her and let her down. I noticed that she continued to be drawn over to the Beta’s son, Wolf. Rain when did she start hanging onto the Beta’s son? Rider is hanging onto the Beta’s daughter Dove. Dad please tell me that all these twins have not found their mates at this age. I do not know. But if you look at all of them they have each been drawn to certain ones.

We will have to has Elder Bones and Elder Karen about this. This is not normal. But none of their births was normal either. How are the woman in your pack doing I asked? Confused. Surprised. and worried. The same here. Have you had anything weird going on? What do you mean by weird? I mean weather wise and look over that way at the sky. We watched as what appears to be smoke in the sky riling around. That is what I am talking about dad.

Look over there I said pointing across the yard. We have seen more wild wolfs coming closer to the pack house. It is as if they are gathering for something. You and Brandon need to talk to the Elders about this. At night, the wind seems to blow more than normal. It is a lot of things I said.

Brandon yelled time to eat get it. We walked up the front as we are Alpha’s and Brandon and I watched as Sky walked up holding the Beta’s son’s hand and Rider was holding his twin sister’s hand. I noticed that every twin was holding hands with someone. Rider who is this beautiful young lady you are holding hands with I asked. This is my mate. Our eyes got big. She is your mate? Yes, daddy she is my mate. She is also your Beta’s daughter.

How is this possible I asked Rain? They do not normally find their mate until they turn 18. This is crazy. We have never told them about mates but here they all know what a mate is. I do not know if I can handle this. My one-year old children have found their mates. Rain, that is why the kids are all having sleep overs recently. Mates cannot be separated.

Rain I do not know if I can deal with this. Not at their ages. It is bad enough when they get in high school but this young? We need to talk to the Elders about everything going on. I agree I told him but for now why do not we just enjoy the day and let the kids be kids. You are right. Let us just enjoy the day.

We all got our food and sat down. We talked about how each other were doing and how wonderful it was that there have been not loss of lives or rouge attacks. We talked about going to dad’s pack for a visit in three months if our pack is running smoothly. Dad asked if there have been any marriage’s planned yet. I started laughing. My cousin lives in our pack and she has been dating her mate for three years now.

Not yet I told him. But we think it will be very soon since Pam will be graduating from college next month. But no other marriages. The teens here have been surprising and well behaved. Makes me wonder when all hell is going to break loose though. You know how that goes. We do have some new pack members. One of them has become an issue with me. How is that mom asked me?

I grinned you are about to find out. The new pack member Terry walked over and stood next to Brandon and asked how we were all enjoying the BBQ. I said we were just having a good time until now I said looking at her. I saw how close she was standing next to Brandon. I watched Brandon and noticed he did not ask her to get out of his personal space.

Then Terry put her hand on Brandon’s shoulder and rubbed it. He just sat there. Mom and dad noticed it to. This has been going on for a month now. Excuse me I sat throwing my napkin on the table before getting up and walking into the pack house to our room. Mom looked over at Brandon stood up and followed me.

I had tears gathering in my eyes as I walked to window and looked down at the back yard and noticed that she still had her hands-on Brandon. Just then the pack turned and looked over at the table and their Alpha and the slut. Rain what is going on between those two? I do not know. I know that they have not had sex yet. I would have felt it.

Your dad is glaring at Brandon. So are the pack members. I have a feeling that Brandon will be sleeping somewhere else tonight. No, I will be. Mom I want to be honest with you. Brandon is tired of me He found me when you brought me home from the hospital. He had never left my side until dad sent me away to the Alpha school.

Have you talked to him about her? No. I suggest that you talk to him. If he does not put a stop to her touching him then I have a house in Hawaii, you can go and live in that your dad does not even know about. You take the kids and go. Take their mates with you. Talk to the Beta’s about it in confidence. I think they would understand. How do you know that? Look. They both have disapproval all over their face.

Five minutes later we heard dad tell Brandon he wants to talk to him in his office. Then he looked at Terry and said. You woman I think that it is time for you to leave the Alpha table he said standing up as he looked at Brandon. Conversation now your office. I watched as dad turned and walked to the house followed by Brandon

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