Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 20: The BBQ

We did not work in the gardens today. Instead we had to work in the kitchen. I was watched like a hawk so that I did not sneak bites of the food. By the time everything was being carried out to the back yard I received my shock.

I was escorted to my cottage by the two female warriors that guard Luna Rain. Why do I have to go to my cottage? The other Omega's get to join the BBQ. You are not permitted to participate in the BBQ. Your meal will be delivered to you at the time the BBQ starts. Don't expect to eat what everyone else is eating.

You are not deserving of that food. I watched as they locked the door and I walked over to look out the window. I heard a knock an hour later and a tray was placed on the stand near the door. Enjoy Linda the omega that hates me said grinning.

I looked over and saw I got baked fish, an apple, salad, beans, milk and water. I felt the tears flow down my face. I was not going to get a steak, hamburger or a hotdog. I was not going to get the good desserts or pop. I am still being punished.

I was being reminded that I did not stay in my place. My place as a low ranking she-wolf. If I had done that I would be out there with the other pack members. I don't even get to see Brandon. I ate my food and took a shower.

I then sat in my chair and finished reading my book. I heard the knock on the door two hours later. Come in. The warrior opened the door and took the tray not saying one word. She closed and locked the door.

I then stood up and turned the light off. I looked out the window at everyone having fun. Laughing and talking. The little ones playing games. I felt the tears slide down my cheeks. I wanted to be over there.

I remembered that last BBQ we had. I rubbed Alpha Brandon's arms in front of Alpha Renegade and Luna Peggy. That was the day it all fell apart for me.

Alpha Brandon had warned me. I did not listen. I thought he would divorce Luna Rain but I was stupid. I knew it was not going to happen. I knew that I was fooling myself.

He was not going to lose his real Luna. And now because of my foolish behavior no woman that an Alpha claims as his mate will ever receive the title of Luna. Only the real mate of the Alpha can claim that title.

The Alpha will not be able to mark his chosen mate unless it is his second chance mate. I know that Luna Rain had stated that the moon goddess will make both Alpha Brandon and myself human. Then I heard my wolf.

You just fucking could not keep our fucking Alpha Brandon quiet could you? Now, after the war the moon goddess is going to make you human. And I will not receive another human I will die. You just had to be a fucking bitch to the Luna.

This is all your fault for wanting something that is not yours. Then I sniffed. Mate. Our mate is over there. I saw him sniffing and then look toward the cottage.

He walked over looked at me through the window. What is your name. Linda. I knew he was an Alpha. I also knew what he was going to do. I will not reject you. But I will also not mark you.

I walked away and asked Luna Rain if I could talk to her. I looked at Alpha Randy what can I do for you. I pointed over at the cottage. She is my mate.

You do know what she has done? I do. You have heard the proposey? I have. So, what do you want to do? I will not reject her but I also will not claim or mark her.

It is your right to take her with you. I grinned at Luna Rain. I will think about it. If I take her, she will not sleep in my bed. She will still be an omega. She will work in the kitchens and clean the pack house.

I will fuck her just to have pups. Once they are born they will be raised by my sister and mother. I like your punishment Alpha Randy.

I handed him the key to the lock. When you leave take her with you. Thank you I said. I would like my mate to hear this if you do not mind. Not at all.

We walked over to Brandon where he was sitting with my parents and the elders. I would like to introduce you all to Alpha Randy. He is Linda's mate. He will take Linda with him to his pack when he leaves tonight.

I saw the anger in Brandon's face. But he has something to say. I will not mark or claim her. She will remain an omega in my pack house. She will work in the kitchen's and clean the pack house. I will fuck her just to have my pups.

She will not raise them. My mother and sister will raise the pups that she gives me. When the war ends she will be sent back to you Alpha Brandon.

You are not taking Linda. Oh, but I am. You cannot stop me. She is my mate. At least until the war is over. I hope that you like sloppy seconds. I heard him laugh and walk away.

He is not taking her. Yes, Brandon he will I heard grandfather say. You know the laws. A mate must go and live with his or her mate. She is not your mate, at least not yet.

And she will produce six pups for Alpha Randy before the war ends. She will also not take those pups with her. They will stay with their father.

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