Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 21: Alpha Randy's Pack House

I had two of my warriors put Linda into the car. As we rode to my pack house she looked over at me. I am happy that you are taking me with you. I get to be a Luna.

I didn't say anything to her. She again looked at me. We have a five hour drive. I suggest that you get some sleep. You will need it I said. I lay my head back and closed my eyes.

I was shaken awake and dragged out of the the car. Follow me I told her. I walked to my office and opened the door. Sit down. I walked around my desk and sat down.

You will remain an omega. You will work in the kitchen's and clean the pack house. I will fuck you when I want to. You will not sleep in my room.

I will also fuck other she-wolfs. I will not mark you. You will give me pups. But you will not raise them. My mother and sister will raise them. You will not receive the title of Luna. You did not earn it. You are a whore that is what you are.

You will not have sex with any member of this pack house but me. If you do I will punish you. Do you understand me? I am your mate. Yes, you are. But I do not have to mark you or give you a Luna ceremony.

I just need to fuck you and get pups from you. After the war is over and if you are still alive you will be sent back to Alpha Brandon. Our pups will not be going with you. I will not reject you. And once you become human.

I will get my second chance mate and will mark and mate her and give her the title of Luna. You just could not wait for me could you? I am not surprised. I have been able to hide from you for years.

I was at all the conferences and meetings. I saw you there with Alpha Brandon. I watched as her face went white. That's right. You whore. I can hid my sent. I did not want you. Yesterday I did not have a choice. I need my pups. And you are going to give them to me.

You will be assigned a bedroom on the second floor. Never come to the fourth floor unless I send for you. I mind linked my Beta. I watched as Terry walked in the door. You called me Randy?

Terry this is my mate. But I will not be marking her or giving her the Luna position. Isn't she the one Alpha Brandon was fucking and saying she was his Luna?

She is. Luna Rain made her an omega. She will remain one. I want her working in the kitchen's and cleaning the pack house. She does not have the power that a Luna has.

I will fuck her just to get my pups. She is not to be on the fourth floor unless I call for her. She will have a bedroom on the second floor. Once the war is over she will be sent back to Alpha Brandon. The pups we have will remain here.

Take her to the kitchen and introduce her to the head cook and head housekeeper and then take her to her room. She is also to eat with the Omegas. Good bye Linda. I will have you escorted to my bedroom tonight.

I am not going to receive the title of luna. And he is not going to mark me. No one will know that I am the rightful Luna. But if they find out they won't care. I don't deserve the title after what I had done.

I was taken to the kitchen. Mary is the head cook. You will start in the morning. You will help make the breakfast and then after you eat you will start cleaning until it is time to help cook lunch. You will eat lunch and then again finish cleaning. You will help make dinner and after dinner you will go to your room unless the Alpha has something else for you to do.

Follow me Beta Terry said. Your work clothes will be delivered to your room. Your suitcase is already there. I followed him to the room assigned to me.

It was a nice room. I thanked Beta Terry and walked in shutting and locking the door. I took a shower and dressed in shorts, underwear and a tee shirt. I then walked into my bedroom and saw there was a TV.

I turned on the TV and sat on the couch watching the shows that I had missed while living in the cottage. I will not complain as it could be worse.

I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and saw a girl standing there. These are your uniforms. I will come and get you in the morning and take you to the kitchen. Be ready at 5:00 in the morning. You have an alarm clock on the bedside table. She then turned and walked down the hallway.

I shut the door and hung the uniform dresses in the closet. At least they are fresh, clean, and new. They are nice uniforms. I then shut the door and walked back over and sat on the couch again

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