Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 23: Three Months Later

I had been sick for a few months. I was taken to see the doctor. He examined me and took a pregnancy test. An hour later he walked in and looked at us. Alpha Randy congratulations you she is pregnant. She is three weeks along.

I should see her next month. June 21st. She should not lift anything heavy. You are free to leave I said. I watched as Alpha Randy walked out of the room. I knew that she was his mate. I also knew about the prophecy. I understood his reason for not marking her and giving her the Luna title. She did not deserve it.

A she-wolf will give birth in five to six weeks. Linda should give birth by the end of June. Everyone found out that Linda will be having the Alpha's pup. His sister and mother have moved into the pack house. A nursery is in the process of being painted for the arrival of the pup or pups.

I went to see the doctor for the appointed. He stated the pup is healthy and should be here by next week. I walked back to the pack house. A week later around 2:00 in the morning my water broke.

Alpha Randy was informed that I was at the hospital. I watched as he walked in and sat in a chair against the wall with his arms folded. The head is out the doctor said. The we heard the cries. The baby was washed and examined and handed to Alpha Randy.

You have your first son the doctor said. I watched as he walked out of the room carrying the baby with him. I felt the tears slide down my face. I was not permitted to see him or hold him.

I had six pups. A boy, then a girl, then a girl, then a boy, then twin boys. I was not permitted to see or hold any of them. I had just finished cleaning when Beta Randy walked into my room. Pack your things.

The twins arrived home and Luna Rain is now in status. You are returning to Alpha Brandon's pack. A warrior will take you to his pack house. Be ready in one hour.

I was leaving this pack, my mate and my pups. I was banned from this territory. The war will start very very soon. Luna Rain is in a protective room and she would be surrounded by warriors and no one but her second chance mate will be able to enter the room she lays in.

All the twins have put a protective shield around her. We were told that she will remain in the pack house for two years and then she will be taken to her second chance mate. The war will continue for 25 years.

I arrived back at the pack house. Alpha Brandon put me in a room on the second floor. He stated that I was not to approach him or talk to him. Then he walked away.

It is said that he stands at the doorway of the bedroom that Luna Rain is sleeping in. It is also said that she sleeps in a glass bed that floats off the floor.

The warriors assigned to guard her said that her hair has continued to grow as she sleeps. She does not look any older and at night it is like she is sleeping outside as the stars shine all around her.

No one is permitted near the room she is sleeping in. She is guarded day and night. The warriors will kill anyone not permitted on the tower floor.

I was assigned to work in the kitchen. I was given every other weekend off. I could go shopping or to my parents home. They don't really want me there.

I know that the war will start soon. The first two years we will not be fighting we will be learning to fight and other things that the twins will train us about. They say that Luna Rain will be moved when the war will be at's worst. Either we will win or lose.

I know that we will win. We will kill all the hunters and anyone else which includes the rogues. I know that we will be fighting the vampires as they want us dead as much as the hunters do.

We will succeed in winning the war. But, we have to learn and not make the same mistakes as we did in the past. I wonder if we can do that?

I was finishing the laundry when I saw Alpha Brandon walk down the stairs. I wanted to be in his bed again. He stopped half way down the stairs and said not looking at me. Stop it right now. Go to your room and take a shower. I am not going to touch you Linda.

I watched as he continued to walk down the stairs and out the front door. Since Luna Rain has been in status it has been a very sad pack house. Everyone knows the prophecy. They know that she will be claimed as a second chance mate.

We all know that he will take her to his pack house within two years where she will remain safe. Safer than here at our pack house.

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