Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 24; The War Has Started

Word has reached us. The war has started in it will soon reach our shores. We are prepared and the twins are in contact with every twin in the world. There have been casualties every every packs territory but ours so far. The fight is spreading faster than anyone predicted. It has been one year since packs have joined together to fight. The war has been intense. Many packs in the United States have taken in other pack’s to increase their power to protect each other.

We have even taken in many survivors from around the world. Countries have been bombed, many wolves, vampires, and other species have died. We continue to watch the days pass by knowing it will soon be time that our Luna will be gone. This war is taking its tow on everyone. We all continue to train day in and day out. The twins are very hard on us. They remind us that one mistake and we could be dead.

We are all tense all jumpy. We jump at every little noise. More guards are added for guard duty. I continued to yearn to be in Alpha’s arms again but he ignores me. He continues to stand at the bedroom door of the Luna. He has even taken pictures of her laying in the bed. Her hair has grown so long it hands over the bed onto the floor.

The twins often visit their mother and read to her for hours. But there’s still a sadness in the packhouse. Many have asked to stand at her room to look at her. All are turned down. I yearn for my own children. The children I never got to hold to love to raise. I don’t even know what they look like. I am forbidden to see them. I wonder if they ask about me? What Alpha Randy has told them.

I was in my own thoughts when I heard it. I ran out the door and saw wolves two wolves, the white and black, clashing headlong, claws raking their changing bodies. Roughes everyone came running and changing into their wolfs. They were everywhere. All of them with claws raking, clashing, biting, some with their tail down, ears back, lips curled and all their teeth showing. This was going on all over the pack grounds.

It seemed like we all fought for hours but it was not that long. Vampires try to avoid being bitten by us as the venom in our teeth will kill them. At one time long ago we lived side by side with the vampires. Now we are fighting some of them. We finally watched as the roughs and vampires started leaving. The twins had stood in the middle of all the fighting putting a barrier around the pack house.

We collected our wounded and took them to the hospital. We lost two wolfs both single. And 100 wolfs were injured. Today we one the battle. Our enemies lost many more. We had to prepare for the next battle. The twins stated that we all did very well but we still need to train more.

Everyone walked home or into the pack house to their rooms to shower then eat. The pack house is on high alert. We do not know when the next attack will take place. After eating I went to my room and lay down. I was tired and once my head hit the pillow I was sound asleep. It has been months since we were attacked. We have heard that other territories have been attacked as well but came out with little loss to their pack.

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