Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 25: Two Years Later

We were all sleeping when we were woken by our Alpha's cries. Where is my Luna? Where are her guards? We ran to the room that our Luna had slept in for two years. She was not there and neither were her guards. We knew this was coming but none of us wanted to accept it. When was she taken and how did the guards outside not see a thing? We saw Alpha on his knees on the floor crying. He had just lost his Luna. The woman he held as a child. The woman he watched learn to walk, eat, dress herself.

The woman he watched become a teenager the woman who bore his children. She is gone forever. Some of the pack members do not feel sorry for Alpha Brandon. He did bring this on himself. He cheated on our Luna. We all feel a sadness since she is now gone. But the Moon Goddess said that the Luna will always be the luna.

I sat by her bed. My queen. She is beautiful. Her hair lays above the covers and she is safe. She is well protected. She sleeps like a sleeping beauty. Her guards are at this moment training my pack members. I watched as my queens chest slowly rose and feel. She will sleep for another 23 years. Wolf lifted his head and looked at her through my eyes. Our mate is beautiful and strong. Yes, she is.

I stood up and pushed the button on the wall. I walked out of the door into my closet and pushed the hidden button to close the door. I must attend training. I must stay strong and remain in good health. I must keep our queen safe. Alpha Revenge a member said as I walked down the stairs. How is our queen today? As beautiful as ever I said and walked out the door.

I walked to the training field and watched as the warriors practiced. I have 25, 000 warriors alone. That does not include other pack members of 100,000. I have a very large territory. I have permitted the twins to come and train my pack members and warriors as well as visit their mother. They have removed the shield from Alpha Brandon's territory and placed it around my territory. In order to continue to protect their mother.

The training has gone on for 8 hours. It was time for showers and supper and then they have free time to spend with friends and family. I walked back into the pack house were I talked with pack members before walking up the stairs and entering my office. I sat down at my desk and finished the paperwork before putting the files in the file cabinet and locking the door.

I then locked my office door and walked down the hall to my room. I had one hour before supper and I wanted to spend it with my Queen. I sat holding her hand. Rain you will love your room. I was thinking that when you awaken that we use this room as our bedroom. And the bedroom we can turn into a setting room. But I will let you make that decision.

It is a beautiful night tonight. The stars are glowing and twinkling and make a very beautiful sight. I looked down and noticed that Alpha Brandon's mark was gone. The twins have come to visit today. They trained with my warriors and pack members. They have grown so much. I can't wait for you to wake up and see them. You will be very proud of them. I have to leave now. It is time for supper. I will come back after we eat. Sleep well my love. I stood and kissed her lips before walking out of the room.

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