Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 26: 20 years Later

The war has continued for 22 years now. We are winning. But we are all tired. We are ready for it to end. We grieve the loss of our Luna. Alpha Brandon continues to sleep with any she-wolf he wants now. Linda cries a lot because he has not had sex with her since she returned to the pack house. The twins continue to push the pack members harder and harder saying that the next five years will be even worse.

The attacks on the our pack house have gotten more frequent. We seem to have three or four of the a day now. The twins put a protective spell around the territory so that the members can get sleep at night. During the day we are very vegelant. More guards are on duty. Since the war has started we have lost 100 members.

I pray everyday to our Moon Goddess to keep all the children safe from these attacks. I also know that I had rejected my mate and he found a second chance mate. I have started telling the little ones why we are fighting and how we adults had gone against our Moon Goddess by rejecting our given mates. I to the to remember these years and pass on that you should never reject your mate and you should never have sex with any but your given mate.

No one has objected to me teaching the kids about the rules and or that we are at war because many of us wolves have broken them. I tell them that the moon goddesses is angry with us because of that. Several of the she-wolf's have given birth in the last 20 years and several of the pups had died at a very young age. I have longed for a pup but due to my rejecting my mate I will never have one of my own.

I was young and stupid and thought the moon goddesses would not punish me for what I had done. I deserve the punishment that I know is coming. My wolf hates me right now. I even hate myself. But I thought I was in love with my Alpha. My punishment will be losing my wolf and becoming human. I will be mated to a man I do not love until the day I die. A man who will have sex with me just to see Luna Rains face.

I know that my rejected mate has a second chance mate and they have already had five pups. I want to hate him but I can't. I rejected him. He did not reject me. I heard the sirens and ran out the door changing into my wolf. I started fighting with a she-wolf who had scars all over her. She was missing some of her fur and she one ear torn in half. I grabbed her throat with my teeth and shook her breaking her neck.

I dropped her and attacked another she-wolf dragging her away from two others attacking a pack member. I killed her as well. Then I turned and saw the Vampire attacking a pack member I jumped on his back scratching him and biting him where I could. He ran toward the trees. I started to see the attacking wolves start leaving running through the trees.

We helped the pack members that were injured to the hospital for medical treatment and picked up any fallen pack members and putting them in the basement for burial. We lost three this time. All young men. We are all getting tired. Starting to dread the next attack. We waited as the Twins put up the protective shield and entered our homes and packhouse where we went to our rooms and showered before sitting down for supper.

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