Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 27: The Attacks are getting stronger.

The attacks are coming more often. It is getting closer to the time the war will end. We have now been fighting non stop for 24 years. Within the next year we will all be fighting to win this war. Every wolf who has ever rejected his or her mate now wishes we had not done so. We all blame ourselves for this war. For making the Moon Goddesses angry. We can't undo what we have done and now she wants to make sure we never forget it and never do it again.

Every pack has been teaching the young children of the war. Every pack has had someone video taping the fights to use for educational purposes. To show those pups that will be born in the future what can happen when you reject your made and have sex with a male wolf or she-wolf that is not your mate. I am so tired that I just want to lay down and never get up again. We are not fighting almost day and night every day.

My thoughts often think about Luna Rain and how lucky she is to be protected and asleep for 24 years. To not witness the loss of her pack members. To not feel the pain when a wolf dies. I think about how much I had hurt her. Well not just me but Alpha Brandon. What it must be like to have a mate from the day your are born. How hard that must have been for her as an infant and not know what is happening to you.

I know that she is very safe at Alpha Revenges Pack house. I know that they have killed many wolfs and vampires as he has more pack members and warriors then we have. My heart yearns for my Luna. But I did my Luna wrong. They say that she rests in state high above the woods in the clouds and no one can get to her.

How I wish that I was in that room with her. Where I can just relax and feel no tension and wonder when the next attack is coming or if I will die soon. But, I know I won't. The moon goddesses has a punishment for me that I can not escape from. I was walking down the hall to my room when I saw Alpha Brandon take a she-wolf to his room. I am so happy our Luna does not feel that pain.

I took a shower and lay on my bed watching TV until it was time to eat. I tell you all. I am thankful that the Twins are able to give us a break from the fighting so that we all can rest and rebuild our strengths. The wolves and vampires we have been fighting with recently appear smarter and stronger each time. It is as if they are on something.

After supper I have been doing research to seek out information regarding what's happening to wolfs and vampires. Some of the wolves have started to put silver on their nails. Once we are scratched we weaken and die. Our scientists have worked day and night to develop a vaccine to restore our bodys when we are now scratched. So far, they have not been successful. They are trying to develop a type of armor for our furs to protect us. They have had some success with that however, it wears off very fast.

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