Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 28: Year 25 of the war

This is the 25th year of the war. The pups born at the start of the war are all 25 years old now. Many have heard this is the year the war will end. None of them have ever seen the Luna but have heard about her. Many have seen the picture hanging in the Alpha’s office that he had painted of her. All agree the Luna is very beautiful. It has been 45 years since her children have talked to their mother or been held by her. 45 years that the twins all over the world have protected her. The war has been over for one week. Many are waiting to see their Luna alive again.

I finished dressing and walked into the hidden bedroom where my queen lay sleeping. As the door opened I saw a very beautiful woman in white standing at the foot of my queens bed. I fell to the floor bowing and gasped. Moon Goddess. Rise to your feet my son. You have earned your reward. Your mate is awake. I turned and looked over at my queen. Rain my mate looked at me and smiled. I walked over and whispered mate you have finally awoken. Who are you I asked? My name is Revenge. I have protected you for 25 years. I have taken care of you, read to you, talked to you, waiting for you to wake up.

Queen Rain it is time for you to bath and dress. We have a meeting to attend at Alpha Brandon’s packhouse. I looked up at four women walked in. They assisted me to a room where I was placed into the tub. I was washed and dressed and my long hair brushed and braided. I walked out to the bedroom and the moon goddess transported me along with Revenge to Alpha Brandon’s lands. As we materialized you heard the gasps and Moon Goddess, then Luna Rain. I heard mother and turned and looked at my children. I opened my arms and held them for the first time since they were 17 years of age.

I did not want to have any of my children fighting a war for 25 years but it seemed that some of you did not want to accept the mates I made just for you. You either thought you could reject your mates and sleep around or take a mate of your own choosing causing your true mates to suffer. I needed to make you understand the actions that your choices made. I have changed my laws. If any mate rejects his or her mate for any reason. The mate that does the rejecting will lose their wolf and become human. The rejected mate will have a second chance mate and pups. The rejecting mate even though losing their wolf will not receive a second chance mate or pups.

If you continue to disobey my rules I will send you into a war for 75 years the next time. Now. To assure you that I mean what I saw. Linda, Alpha Brandon stop forward. Mark please step forward. Everyone watched as the Moon Goddesses raised her arms and chanted. By darkness and light,by flame burning bright,the wolf named Silver shall be Marks ,from this eve and throughout time. Alpha Brandon will remain woofless from this day forward and the wolf named Silver he will always grieve. We watched as Apha Brandon grabbed his heart and sank to his knees screaming and crying at the loss of his wolf.

Linda: Let your Wolf become but a dream as I cause your wolf that is seen to become the unseen to be removed from your body and to roam the earth day and night with nowhere to hide. From this even and throughout time. You will remain woofless from this day forward until you end of time. To become woofless until the die that you die.

Now stand up both of you. The two of you have disrespected both your mates. You will be married but never happy. Alpha Brandon you will only have sex with Linda to see your Luna's face and remember what you were giving to love and cherish but have now lost forever. Linda you will hate Alpha Brandon and blame him for you not being able to give birth to pups of your own.

Rain will become the Luna of Alpha Revenge. She will from this day forward live the life she should have had with you Alpha Brandon. But she will not yearn for you. She will be very happy with her new mate. I must go now. But all of the remember what you have endured to win this war.

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