Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 29: Alpha Revenges Pack House

Rain I said looking at her with love in my eyes. My wolf wants to meet yours. You have slept for 25 years. Let us go for a run and let our wolves get to meet. We held hands and walked to the edge of the woods where we took our clothes off and changed into our wolves. My wolf Raven rubbed Rain's wolf Athena and they took off running. They played and jumped with each other and ran to the creek. They drank water before laying down to rest for awhile.

Athena, I am happy to finally get to see you instead of just talking to you. I knew you would be beautiful. I can't wait until we have our own pups. I want to mate and mark you. I would like that as well. Soon I hope our humans will mate and mark each other. Let us go home. We stood up and ran to the packhouse where put our clothes back on. As we walked into the pack house holding hands several pack members stopped whatever the were doing and stared. Is that our queen we heard from different members. She is beautiful.

We walked up to Revenge's room and into the closet. I walked into my bedroom and into the bathroom where I showered. When I finished I walked out with just a towel wrapped around me. I need to touch my mate. I walked toward him. I looked up at him as he looked down at me. He did not move. I reached for his hair and pulled him down toward me. As our lips touched I felt the electricity flow thru me. I gasped as he put his arms around me. I opened my mouth and our tongues met as we tasted each other.

Pleasure ripped through my body as he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. I needed him. Athena yipped in my head and said we must mark him. He is ours. Please let us mark him. I walked over to the bed and lay her down. I lay down between her legs. I kissed her, over and over before I moved down her neck and hear her moan. At the same time she rubbed against my cock. I moved my hand down to the towel and slowly opened it. I rubbed a thumb across her nipple. Soon I kissed my way down her neck and lowered my mouth to suck and lick her nipple until it stood straight and tunt.

Revenge I need more I said. I looked into her eyes and moved my hand down between her legs and rubbed her clit as she gasped and threw her head back. I opened the towel more and slowly moved my head down where I was between her thighs licking and sucking her when she grabbed my head and she thrust her hips calling my name. I stood up and drew my shirt over my head and threw it on the floor. I shoved my jeans down she watched my every move.

I saw her eyes widen as my cock stood straight and tall. I moved between her legs and pushed inside of her. I moved my hand up her leg and wrapped my hand around her it lifting her hip and pushing inside her pumping faster and faster until I clenched my teeth. I felt her muscles tighten around my cock and I heard mark me Revenge. I felt my teeth expanding out of my mouth and I bit her. I felt her stiffen and scream but I reached up and pulled her close to me. I felt my teeth recede in my gums and I licked the spot I had bitten her. Then I felt her tiny mouth open and she marked me as well. Fuck, I could not hold back. I shot my seed inside of her.

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