Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 3: The Truth Comes Out

After Brandon and I walked into his office I looked at Brandon and asked him. Just what are you doing? You let that slut touch you, rub you shoulder. practically sitting on your lap in front of Rain, your pack members and myself and Rain’s mother. How long have you been fucking her? I have not if I had Rain would know. I am not stupid Brandon.

You can fuck her as long as you are in another state. Do I need to ask around see if she disappears the same time you are at an Alpha meeting or conference? Rain is not stupid either. She is going to find out. Have you not learned how easy it is to lose your mate? Even your club members know something is going on between the two of you.

All right. I have had sex with Terry. But only twice and she is holding it over my head because she knows that Rain will leave me. Rain is already suspicious. She feels it Brandon. Remember how I almost lost Peggy she was wasting away. Do not think that Rain will not leave you and take the children with her. She will leave you if you do not stop this now and admit the truth to her.

That woman is a slut. Soon she will threaten that if you do not do what she wants she will tell Rain. She wants to be your mate Brandon. What are you going to do when she demands that you put her in Rains place? That is not going to happen. She is not my mate. She is what you said a slut. How many times as she touched you in front of Rain?

Mom and I had walked to Brandon’s office to talk to him when we heard him admit to dad that he had fucked that slut twice already. Mom looked at me and said mind link the Beta’s to meet you in your room. We turned and walked to my bedroom. They are coming mom I said. Mom opened the door. We told them what we heard and my plan to take the twins and leave Brandon.

I told them I want to take their twins with me. They agreed that the twins should not be separated from their mates so I could take them with me. They did not want to know where I am going but after a few months I would let them know and they can visit. They turned and left the room to pack clothes for their twins.

Mom told me that she will have her, and dad’s private plan fly us to Hawaii in an hour. I packed my clothes and the twins and mom took the suitcases down the stairs and put them along with the Beta’s twins’ suitcases in her car. Now write a letter making Brandon feel guilty and let him know that until that slut is gone forever from your life and moved to another country you will never come back.

I wrote about knowing he had been having sex with Terry and that his permitting her to touch him when no other member would get away with it could not be tolerated anymore. I wrote that he broke my heart and can no longer live with him, so I was taking not only our twins but their mates and leaving him. I made him think I felt it when he fucked her even though he was in another country.

I then turned and followed mom out to the car where the twins and their mates waited for me. As mom and I got into the car Rider looked at me and said, “mommy, daddy has been doing something bad with that woman and that’s why we are leaving isn’t it?” How did you know that? I could see them in a bed, and I knew it was not right because he is supposed to sleep in the bed with you. Yes, Rider you are right. Daddy did do something bad and mommy cannot be with daddy anymore because it hurts when he does that.

We arrived at the airport got on the plan and within 15 minutes we were leaving the territory. I love you and the children Rain. Let me know how you are doing I mind linked her. Then I mine linked my husband as the car pulled up to the house. She and the twins are gone. I walked into the house and out to the back yard and sat back down at the table as if nothing was wrong.

I then removed the spell and the whole pack felt the link break. Someone had left the territory. They knew their Luna, alpha’s and betas were gone. I grabbed my heart and fell to the floor. My Luna and children were gone. She knew. She knew that I had cheated on her. She knew the whole time and today she had enough.

What is wrong Brandon? Rain, she, and the children are gone. They left the territory. She knows about the affair. I ran to the bedroom and found the note. I read it and slid down on the floor crying. I lost my mate and children. I looked up as Terry walked into the bedroom smiling. Now we do not need to hide it anymore. I will have the rest of Rain’s things packed up and I will move in tonight she said.

I stood up and looked at her in anger. Rain’s dad had been right. I said using my Alpha voice, “you will not touch anything in this room, you will not be moving in here. ” What you will do is go to your room and pack all your things and take them downstairs and set them on the front porch. You will then fly to a country that I have no dealing with the Alpha’s there, but Rain’s father does.

That way he can make sure that you never leave that country to come back here I said. You cannot do that she screamed at me. Get out of this room and do what you are told, or I will have your shit burned and you will leave with only what you are wearing. I watched as she ran out of the bedroom and down the hall.

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