Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 30: Alpha Brandon

I woke up screaming. He was making love to Rain. My, Luna. got it hurts so bad. Then I felt pain in my neck. No, No, she wouldn't do that. But she did. Rain marked Alpha Revenge. She took another mate. She is not my mate. I lost my wolf, Silver and now I lost my true mate. I cried until the pain went away. I do not know if I can deal with this every time they kiss or make love. It is going to tear me apart. But the Moon Goddess will give punishment out when it is warranted. I now wish that I had not treated my Luna, my mate, the way that I did.

I know. I am human now and should not feel that pain. I laughed at myself. But we are all the children of the Moon Goddess. Maybe as time goes by she will be more forgiving. But we will have to wait and see. I looked up and watched as Linda walked into the office. Brandon. I have been thinking. I sighed. So have I. So, please do tell me Linda what have you been thinking about? I should never have chased you thinking that I should be a Luna.

I should never have rejected my mate or had sex with you. I knew that you were never going to reject Luna Rain. I knew that I would never become a Luna. I was selfish. I hurt a lot of people. Including the Alpha twins and pack members. Now, we both are suffering. This would never have happened if we had not done the things we had. You have to suffer more than I ever will and you did not reject Luna Rain.

I will always look at you with hate when we have sex just so you can remember how it felt to hold Luna Rain in your arms. I because you will never love me. And I can never have pups of my own. I am sorry for that Brandon. Truly I am. If anything comes out of everything that has happened in the past 25 years I hope the youth of today and tomorrow do not follow in our footsteps. I have been thinking the same thing, Linda. I hope that the years go by quickly. A human does not live as long as a wolf does. But, I have this feeling that the Moon Goddess has made an exception for us.

Brandon, I know that Revenge and Luna Rain have marked and mated each other last night. The whole pack felt her connection with us brake. She is not the Luna of Revenges Pack. We will never have a Luna again. Not until one of the Twins becomes the Alpha. I have been thinking about that. About what? About retiring and letting Rider become the new Alpha of the Pack. Sky will be the female Beta and her mate Rider's Beta.

I will not be able to run the pack like it needs to run now that I no longer have Silver. No, because Mark has him. I have had him for many, many years and now he does not remember me. Or he chooses to forget you for what you have done. I am tired, Linda. I did not know how tired humans could get. Unlike us when we have a wolf. I think that you and will move to the cabin in the woods. We will live out our human days in peace and quiet. I think that is the best thing to do Brandon.

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