Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 31: Brandon Hands the Alpha Title to Rider

I had a pack member tell Rider to come to my office. I heard the knock on the door. Come in. Did you want to see me, father? I did. Please Rider sit down. I want to discuss something with you. I watched as he sat down and looked at me. What is it, father? I want you to know that I do love your mother, but I did things I should not have done. We all know why I lost Silver and now Mark has him. I want to retire. To go with Linda and live in the cabin in the woods for as long as I have left on this earth. I am tired. I want to step down and hand the Alpha Title over to you. Of course, your mother will have to attend to and over the Luna title to your mate.

When would you like to do this ceremony father? This weekend. Wolf will become your beta and Sky the beta female while your mate Dove will become the new luna. Things need to be put to right. The pack needs to have an Alpha with a wolf. Rider, being human tires you out. I am tired. I will be honest. I can get sick now with all the human illnesses. I have not felt well for a long time now. I know that you will make a great Alpha Rider.

So, can you mine link every one of the ceremony and take care of the invitations and food for the party? And call your mother as well? Yes, father, I will take care of everything. Thank you, son. I coagulated my age in human years. I am 98 years old. I am stooped over and my body is ready to give out. I have gray hair and lots of wrinkles. I can barely walk long distances without the use of a cane and assistance. I have my speech ready. I don't have the power to give to Rider. The Moon Goddess is permitting that Silver to this through Mark. But, I will stand on the stage with my son.

I would like to think that I was not a bad Alpha. I just was not a good mate. I am sorry that I will not live more years to see how Rider manages the pack. I know he will be a better Alpha than I was. Peggy raised Sky and Rider to be strong Alphas and do right by the pack. I do have Peggy to thank for that. Along with their great grandparents and grandfather. I hope that I have a few years left in me to sit back and watch Rider whip the pack members into shape before I die.

I was sitting on the back porch in a chair watching the young ones playing when I saw her. Peggy. She was walking across the yard. She is just as beautiful as when I married her. I remember holding her as a baby and her sleeping on my chest. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. I looked over at Brandon and smiled. He looked so cute sleeping in his chair. I stopped smiling. Brandon, Brandon. I stood up and walked over to him and shook his shoulder. Brandon. He hasn't woken up. Rider, I screamed.

I watched as Luna, Peggy, and Rider ran over to the porch. I looked at my mother and said I think that father is dead. The doctor is on his way. Doctor, I believe that our Alpha Brandon is dead. I stood and watched as the doctor examined my father. The doctor looked up and declared. The Alpha is dead. His heart stopped. I had my father carried to his bedroom to be prepared for his burial. I mine linked the pack members of Alpha Brandon's death.

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