Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 4: July 4, 2007

July 4, 2007 that is the day I lost my mate and she took my twin’s. I mine linked her, then tried the twins but nothing. It is as if they vanished from the face of the earth. Like they never existed. But I know they did and do. I look at the pictures of my mate and pups but the ache in my heart will not leave. The Elders are due to arrive at the pack house in two weeks. I need to concentrate on the other twins that are here right now.

I walked over and looked out the window. Something strange was happening. The minute we all knew that their Luna, twin alpha’s and twin beta’s were gone the remaining twins all looked at each other and formed a circle holding hands and sat down. Then it looked like they put a shield up around them. What are they doing?

I walked out of the pack house and out to the back yard. I walked over to the twin’s and tried to walk in the middle of the circle. I was thrown back onto the ground. What just happened? I stood up and tried to get their attention. Not one of them looked my way. I looked at my Beta and said that I would call Renegade and see it the same thing is happening at his pack. Hello, Renegade since Rain, our twins and their mates left we have something happening here.

All the twins have formed a circle holding hands and then they sat down in a circle and they put up some kind of protection shield up around them. The same here at my pack house Renegade told me. We cannot get through the shield. This is happening in every pack house. Five hours later they stopped doing whatever it was they were doing. They dropped the shield around them. Then they stood up turned at the same time and looked at me.

Their eyes, they were white, what is going on? At the same time, they spoke all as one person. Alpha, you have broken your oath to our Luna. She has left our pack house and taken our Alpha and Beta’s twins with her. We made sure that they arrived safely at their destination. We put a shield around all of them either until you learn you lesson to remain faithful or they return to the pack house to train us. The choice is yours.

And our Luna will know if you kiss someone, get your area down there they pointed at my cock sucked or licked, or you put that in someone who is not our Luna. Then what our Luna suffers you will suffer. What pain our Luna suffers you will suffer 10x’s more than she does. Then their eyes turned back to their normal color and they acted normal again.

What the fuck just happened. All the pack members looked at me and then asked? Is what they said true? Where you unfaithful to our Luna? Yes, it is true. We thought so. You always let Terry touch you and let her get away with it. She was the woman you were fucking then. She is the reason our Luna and the kids left the pack house. Not only will our Luna know if you cheat, we will know.

Just then we hard Terry yelling running toward me telling me that I cannot make her leave. I am meant to be the Luna not Rain do not make me leave you Brandon. I put my hands up and stopped her from trying to wrap her arms around me. Take her shit and put her on the plane. I looked down at her and said in my Alpha voice. Terry you are band from this pack and this territory for life.

You will be living with the Russia pack from this moment forward. Take her and put her on the plane. Tie her down if you must for her to stay on that plan until it lands. I then turned my pack on Terry. I turned my head and looked up at the bedroom window I once shared with my Luna for years.

I hung my head and walked toward the woods. Once in the woods I stripped out of my clothes and turned into my wolf. I started running through the woods and did not stop. I was angry at my human. At how he started to fuck that slut. I told him she was up to no good. He just would not listen to me.

Shut up I do not want to hear it. I know I messed up. I hurt our mate again. I cannot turn the clock back. No, you cannot. Remember what happened to Luna Peggy. She left Renegade and almost died. You saw her pain in being away from her mate. She was wasting away. Our mate will die human. Her wolf will die because of you. So, help me god it you cheat on our mate again I will not change I will let myself die and you will remain wolf less.

And do not forget there are new females joining our pack today. Keep your human cock in your pants. But somehow, I do not think you will. You must find out just what pain you will suffer. And the more pack sluts you let give you head you will be sorry. Our Luna will fill it as well and she will curse you and wish you were dead which I can happily arrange.

I returned to the pack house and dressed before walking out of the woods. I walked to my room showered and changed before going to my office.

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