Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 5: Arrival In Hawaii

The plane arrived in Hawaii safely. We were met as we stepped off the plane by a private car. The suitcases were placed into the trunk and the children climbed into the car and sat down. I climbed in after them and the door was closed behind us. The car started and drove out of the private airport. 1 hour later I watched as the car turned off the road and onto a driveway. It was long as after 15 minutes later we arrived at a locked gate.

The gate opened and the car continued to the house. The door opened and we stepped out and the man welcomed us to our new home. I walked up to the porch where the door was opened and the woman standing there said “Welcome Miss Rain.” It has been a long time. Your mother called and informed us you were coming. Please come in.

I walked into the door into the hallway. I looked around and said, “I remember being here when I was little” Yes, you were. We have the children’s room’s and your room waiting for you. We know they are mates and they have been put in the same room. Thank you for that. We also know that if anyone calls for you, we are to tell them nothing. That we have not seen you for years.

Thank you so much for that. It is our pleasure to protect and serve you. You can change and run through your private woods. There is a 25-foot-high wall all around the property. No one will see you. Now, if you and the children follow me, I will show you to your rooms and you may rest until lunch time.

Since the housekeeper Mrs. Weber offered to watch the kids. I walked outside to the edge of the woods and walked behind the tree. I hung my clothes up and changed into my wolf. I ran the boundary of the property. I had not run these woods in over 15 years. Since then the wall had been built around the property to offer us more protection and no chance of being caught.

We own 150 acres of woods. I ran until I came to the waterfall and walked down and took a drink. I lay down to rest thinking about how Brandon had cheated on me once again. I remember the first time he did this. I was about three years old then. This time he had gotten smart and had that bitch meet in in another state.

I know that I will never trust him again. I will never sleep in the same room if I am to return to the pack house. Our mate is a cheater my wolf said to me. I know and it hurts I told my wolf. I was talking to Brandon’s wolf. He is angry that he did this to us. He told Brandon that if I die then he will die and leave Brandon woof less.

We are not going to die. We are strong I told my wolf Athena. Athena we will harden our heart and become much stronger than he expects. We will fight and make him pay for cheating on us. For letting that slut touch what is ours. We will show him that we do not need him.

We only must live in the same pack house. We do not have to mate with him to survivor. We only must see each other to survive. We can do this Athena. But what about my mate? I am sorry Athena. I am sorry that our not mating with our mate will cause you pain.

No, I talked to Brandon’s wolf and he agrees with us. He is angry that Brandon cheated. He thinks Brandon needs to suffer and we will make that happen. We will produce plans. What would that be I asked?

Brandon’s wolf is going to refuse to turn. He does not think that Brandon has earned the right to turn into his wolf after what he has done and continued to so at the packhouse. But we can change and still run. Alright Athena I understand. Good now let us run back to the house and eat lunch with the kids.

I turned and ran back to the house. I changed into human form and put my clothes back on and walked to the house. I am back Mrs. Weber I said. You are just in time for lunch she said. The children are already at the table outside beside the pool.

I walked out the door and crossed over to the table. Hello, children. Are you like it here? Yes, we do. We have a pool, and there is a barn with horses, and we have received a message that our instructors will arrive here next week.

Why are they coming? They said we must start our training earlier than the other’s. I understand. So, I take it some of your training will be done here. Yes, it will. I just put my fork to my mouth when Rider said we will work on throwing and controlling balls of electricity and Sky said do not forget flying.

What? You all are going to be able to fly and throw balls of electricity? Among some other things Travis and Kelly said. Must be nice to have abilities like that. Can you tell me some other abilities you might have?

Kelly can start fires with her eyes, and Travis can throw people with his hands, without touching them. Well man. That is not fair. I do not have any abilities like that either. Mom remember that we kids are going to war. We all have special abilities that will be needed to win this war.

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