Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 6: Back At The Packhouse

I am the Beta of Brandon’s pack. My name is Mark and my mate’s name is Dorothea. We were talking when I was informed that the new female pack members have arrived. I and Dorothea walked to the living room to meet the.

I am Beta Mark, and this is my mate Dorothea. I looked at the four women and knew they were going to be trouble. If you all will follow me, I will take you to meet the Alpha.

I knocked on Brandon’s door and was told to come in. I opened the door and said, “I have the four new pack members here Brandon.” I watched as Brandon’s eyes room the women. He landed on the last one and I knew he would cheat again. I am your new Alpha. You will follow all rules in this pack house.

Alpha is there a Luna? Yes, there is a Luna. She or twins, and the Bata’s twins are out of the country right now. If you have any other questions, please talk to Beta Mark. You all may go. I looked back down to the paperwork I was looking at.

I heard my wolf tell me “Human so help me god if you mess with any of them especially the last one you were looking at, I will not change until you stop looking and cheating.” Then my wolf said, “test me why don’t you. And don’t forget the pain you will feel if you cheat again.” I told that stupid human what I will do. I do not think he believes me.

I lay down in the back of his mind and laughed. I cannot wait for this to happen to him. I ignored my wolf. He will not do that to me. I thought about that last woman. My dick started to get hard. I also do not believe that I will feel the most pain if I cheat again. But grinning to myself I said we will see.

I will not do it right away. I will wait a few months. I finished the paperwork and locked the files in the cabinet before walking out of my office and locking the door. I saw Beta Mark talking to his mate. I am telling you Dorothea he is going to mess with the dark haired one with hair to her hips. You did not see the look he gave her.

So, Mark, Doretha how are you enjoying the day? It is nice but we miss the kids. Have you found out where Rain has gone with them? Not yet. We looked over and saw the new pack members walking our way with a few of the sluts. Did not take them long to find their group did it I said. Mark be nice. Why? They have not been her one day and they are showing they are going to be pack whores.

I looked over at Brandon and so did Dorothea. We watched as he looked at the one with long hair. Brandon, you do know that the kids are watching you. They have connected with you and if they feel you cheating, they will make you suffer. I doubt that. They are all just children.

I heard Dorothea laugh. Children with the intelligence of geniuses. They are the ones who are going to win the upcoming war. You already saw what power they have. I have a feeling that they are much, much more powerful than we know. Brandon what will you do when Rain returns?

Nothing why? I have a bad feeling that when she returns you will be made to suffer and if she finds out you messed with another female pack member; she will make her pay. Do not forget that she oversees the females in the pack house. She can demote them if she chooses to.

She just never did it before. She is going to make you suffer Brandon. How do you know that? I heard some of the kids talking. The twins and our kids are in training as we speak, and Rain is also receiving some training.

The moon goddess has decided that Rain will also receive some special powers she can use when she returns. They say that you are in for the shock of your life. We will see I said looking at Beta Mark. I also would not pay much attention to what the kids say. We watched as he stood up and walked into the packhouse.

Mark, I know what powers Rain will receive. What are they? She will be able to read everyone’s minds, and she will receive, psychokinesis. If she got mad enough, she could throw someone across the room with her mind. It will be interesting when she comes home.

Two months later I felt the pain. I doubled over and the kids looked at me with anger in their eyes. They knew what Brandon was doing. He was having sex. I was enjoying sex when it hit me. I pulled out of her doubled over holding on to my stomach. What is going on Brandon she yelled? Get out Linda I screamed. I hard Brandon screaming and saw that bitch run out of his room.

I walked in and leaned against the bedroom door. Mark get the doctor. Due something. The doctor cannot help Brandon. You have been warned. You had your dick in that slut and now you will suffer more pain than Rain is right now. For how long? If the kids want, you to. Especially your twins as they are the leaders. I turned and walked out of his bedroom shutting the door behind me.

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