Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 7: Six Months Later

I received a phone call from my grandmother, Elder Karan. Rain, it is time for you to return to the packhouse. The kids have nothing more to learn until they are 17 years of age. And you must put your foot down and teach Brandon and the sluts a lesson. Yes, grandmother I said. I understand. Good. You will leave tomorrow.

I told the twins we were going home. They were excited and said they could not wait to see everyone. I too can’t wait. It is time to put the pack whores and Brandon in their place. I am not the soft Luna now. They are all in for a surprise. I also have changed in appearance. My hair is down to my knees and I have been training. I can beat the pack warriors.

Back at the pack house the kids were glaring at Brandon. I think I will go for a run. I felt my wolf move in the back of my mind. I don’t think so human. I told you what I would do it you cheated on our mate. I will not turn so good luck with that. I felt him lay down and scoot further back in my brain.

I walked to the woods and found out that he would not shift. He was angry at me and until I change, he will not come forward. I walked to my bedroom and lay down. I heard my wolf say “human, you have a surprise in store for you tomarrow.” What is it. “I am not telling you my wolf said before he lay back down.”

I and the twins arrived back at the pack house. We walked in and I heard a club whore ask me who the hell I was. I looked into her mind and said “I am your Luna. I am Luna Rain, and you, fucked my husband.” I then lifted my hand and threw her across the room into the wall.

What the hell was that I said to myself when I heard the loud thud. I walked out of my office and down the stairs where I heard a lot of laughing. Hey slut, we see you met our Luna. Shit, I said running into the hallway. Rain your back home. Do not touch me Brandon. OH, and you might want to see the doctor and get that STD taken care of. What are you talking about?

I read her mind. Your slut you fucked has an STD. I turned and walked up the stairs. I walked to the fourth floor the Alpha’s floor and turned to the right and walked down the hallway opening doors and looking at the bedrooms. This is the bedroom I will take. It has a living room, bedroom, small kitchen, and private bath. I mind linked a male pack member to come to these rooms.

Luna you wanted me. Yes, I want you to put a plaque on the door that says “Luna Rains Suites” Then I want my things moved from the Alpha’s bedroom. I want everything brought in here and put away. I turned and walked out of the room and down the hall.

I walked down the stairs and out the back door. I walked over to where Dorothea is setting. Rain, she screamed you are home and didn’t come and see me first. Yes, didn’t the kids come and see you? No, they didn’t. I will have a talk with them about that.

I looked up as coffee was placed in front of me. Rain you look different. Stronger. I am. I heard what happened when you got home. I heard it was quite funny. They said that the whore was shocked to find herself flying down the hallway and hitting the wall. She was especially shocked that you knew she had an STD and gave it to Brandon.

I can’t wait to see what else you are going to do. I picked a suite in the hall opposite of the Alpha’s Bedrooms. I am in the process of having my things moved from his room. I will not be sleeping with Brandon. Are you kidding me? Nope and I want you to help me decide a good punishment for Brandon’s whore.

I say you make her train and do guard duty. What do you mean train? She thinks she does not have to train with the rest of us. I grinned and said it is almost time for training. Let’s change and to the field. We walked out to the training field and I looked to see if the slut was there. She isn’t.

Where is the new female pack member I asked? Alpha said she doesn’t have to train. That is too bad. I oversee the female pack members. I looked at two warriors and said “go bring her here. She will train just like the rest of us.” A few minutes later they were dragging her kicking and screaming to the training field.

Brandon said I don’t have to train. I looked at her grinning. That is Alpha Brandon to you, and he is not in charge of the females in this packhouse. I am. You will train along with the rest of us. Now get your ass in line. We will be running around the territory three times I said. Let’s go. I started the run and Dorothea was in the back making sure that everyone ran.

I noticed that the slut stopped running and was hiding in the pushes halfway from the packhouse. We finished the run and I saw her sneak back in with the rest of us. As we got to the training field. I said 400 pushups now. We watched them and when they were done, I said 400 sit ups. Then 400 jumping jacks.

Before I let you leave, I have to say that our new slut here snuck out of the group and hid in the bushes. She is not dismissed but the rest of you are. Now I said looking at her. You think you can do what you want and get away with it? I have something for you to do. Follow your Beta female and your Luna.

I walked over to where there is a 20-foot-tall, 10-foot round pile of dirt. See those windows. Yes. I can see you from any one of them. I expect this dirt to be piled right over there I said pointing to a flagpole. It will be done before supper. If it is not. You will not come in and eat until it is finished. I threw a shovel at her. Start moving this dirt. Dorothea and I turned and walked to the packhouse.

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