Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 8: Everyone Is Talking About How Cold Luna Rain Is

We all watched from the window as Luna Rain punished the slut and ordered her to move the dirt across the yard to the flagpole. We heard her tell her that is will be finished by supper and if it is not, she is not to come into the packhouse until it is. Since Luna Rain has been gone, she is cold. She is not the soft sensitive Luna she once was. Now she is not a pushover.

I walked over to the window and saw Brandon watching Linda. I read his thoughts. He wants to make me leave her alone. I grinned. I don’t have to, and he knows that. Then I read Linda’s thoughts. I am going to get even with that bitch Luna. I will fuck the Alpha just to hear her scream. I really laughed then. She doesn’t know that I will know when they plan to meet up.

Of course, I will stop it. I turned and walked to the kitchen and grabbed something to eat. I was sitting thinking when Mark walked over. You are something else Rain. Why is that? You are dishing out punishment to Linda making sure she learns who is the boss. I am. She thought Brandon could make me stop forcing her to move that dirt. She found out fast he is not in charge of the females.

So, I heard. How do you plan to stop them from screwing? I can read their minds. I will know their plans and put a stop to it before it happens. Really? Read what I am thinking Rain. I looked at Mark and grinned. Do you really want me to tell you? Yes. You are remembering having your face buried between Dorotha’s legs. I will be dammed. It is true. You can read our minds and thoughts. I can I said.

Man, this is going to be fun I said looking at Rain. I looked over her shoulder and said here comes Brandon. I will leave you two alone. I watched as Brandon sat down in the chair Mark just got up from. What do you want Brandon I asked in a hard voice?

Why did you move out of our room? One, I won’t share a bed with you until you stop cheating. Two I hate your guts and I plan on making you pay for what you have done. 4 you are going to deserve everything I dish out to you and your whores. Any other questions?

You have become cold as ice Rain. And whose fault is that? I loved you since I was a baby. Now, Now I hate you more than you know. Let me tell you just how much I hate you Brandon. If you were to die. I would not care. I would not grieve and want to kill myself. That is how much I hate you.

Oh, and any whore you fuck. I will make sure they pay and pay dearly for it. I might even kick them out of the pack and make them go rogue. You would not do that. Oh, but I would. I turned and walked away from Brandon to my room.

I read his thoughts. I can’t believe she doesn’t love me anymore. I think she will make sure that I have no relief. No sex at all. I thought, you don’t know how true that is Brandon I said to myself.

I looked out the window and laughed. Linda is so out of shape that she had not even moved five foot of the dirt yet. She will be at this all night long. I mine linked two female warriors to come and see me. You wanted to see us Luna Rain. I would like for you two to stand outside or sit if you prefer and watch Linda all night if necessary, to move all that dirt. I will give you each two weeks off to take a vacation wherever you want.

I want you to push her. No resting. She needs to be reminded of her place. She is just another pack member that is all. She is nothing special and she is out of shape. I saw them look at each other grinning. You got it Luna Rain. Also, you may have something to eat and drink while on this duty. She is to be giving a bottle of water every two or three hours only. Thank you I said watching them leave.

I heard laughing and turned to see Mark and Dorotha laughing their assess off. You are so evil Rain. I am aren’t I. But they are both getting what they deserve. We walked to the kitchen and sat at the counter. She will be doing that until she is finished. I want her arms, back, and legs to hurt so bad the next day at training. That is mean Rain. You think so? No, I think it is teaching her where she belongs and that is not in your position.

She will learn one way or the other. I am going to make sure that she does learn her lesson. She will be fighting against our best warriors. She will get her ass handed to her on a silver platter. I am sure of it I said.

We looked up and watched as Brandon walked into the kitchen. He got a bottle of water and I looked over at him. He shook his head and walked away. He is mad that you have stopped setting back and let him make all the decisions including the decisions for the female pack members.

He is mad just because I am cock blocking him right now. That’s what he is mad about. I have his whore moving dirt and he knows it is going to take her all day and night if not all day tomorrow to get it done.

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