Preparing The Twins For War: Book 3: His Woman To C;aim Series

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Chapter 9: Brandon Is Angry At His Wolf

I was in my office and trying to talk my Wolf, Silver into changing. I will not change until you stop looking at the sluts and thinking about sticking your dick in them. I will not change until you learn that you just can’t keep doing this and hurting our mate.

Our mate hates us Silver. No, human. She hates you. She does not hate me. If our mate would have me, I would be with her and put you in the back of our mind. I would have you see how much she loved me and not you. But I can’t do that. I do know that she is just getting started. Look out the window. I looked out and saw that it has been four days now that Linda has been working on that dirt pile.

Silver, Rain is going to make her keep working at that dirt until it is all moved isn’t, she? Yes, she is. Then she is going to make her train without a break. She is going to make sure that Linda learns who the Luna is of this pack and it isn’t her.

Rain can I ask you something? Sure, what is it? You stopped loving Brandon, haven’t you? I sure have. My wolf loves his wolf but not him. We are so angry with him. Did you know that Silver will not let Brandon change? What are you saying Rain? Brandon cannot change into his wolf. Well dam. Silver must really hate Brandon. He does.

How will that affect the coming war? I don’t know but we will find out. Have you seen how fast the kids are all growing? I have. It seems like they are a few years every day. Soon they will be 17 before we know it. I am worried about this war though. We have never seen a war like the one that the Elders say is coming.

We can’t do anything about it though. It is up to the kids and what they must teach us when it is time. I will be interesting. We were standing outside watching Linda. This is the fifth day and she has about one more foot round pile of dirt to move. We looked up as a warrior threw a rack at Linda.

You are not finished. Rack all the dirt together in a pile and pick it all up and put it with the pile over there. It took another three hours before the warriors were satisfied. I walked over to the Warriors and said, “your two weeks starts now”. I watched them walk away. I turned to Linda and told her to go take a shower and something to eat. As she was walking away, I looked at her and said, “in your own room” and after you eat go to bed. You have training in the morning. And Linda, there will be a guard outside your door.

I turned and walked over and sat down. I picked up my coffee cup and put my finger up at Dorotha. I read Linda’s mind. I need to find Brandon and talk to him. I mine linked with Brandon and said I would like for you to come out to the back porch now. I will be right there. I watched as he walked by Linda and right over to our table. Sit down Brandon.

What do you want to talk about Rain? I have put a guard outside of Linda’s bedroom. She will not be sneaking out to go to your room. And if you enter her bedroom, I have camera in there. Why are you doing this Rain. Because you continue to cheat on me. I cannot have that, now can I? You are disrespecting me, and I am putting a stop to it. I will go to the Elders if I must and have your title of Alpha removed from you if you continue to screw around on me.

That’s all I wanted to tell you. Oh, and I know that Silver will not let you change. You best think about what you have caused to happen. I don’t need you Brandon. I will not have a broken heart should anything happen to you. But you however will suffer a great deal if something happens to me. I watched as he walked away from the table with sad eyes.

Rain, he is starting to hurt. I think he deserves it. He needs to know what it feels to lose his Luna. He does and believe me he will. Especially when the bond breaks. What? He will fill it when the bond finally breaks. And I don’t give a shit how bad he feels when it happens.

Your bond is going to break? Yes, it is. And no, I am not going to die. My hate for him is causing the bond to slowly break. Athena and I cannot forgive him. He has hurt us to many times. The Moon Goddess is not so forgiving either. He brought this on himself.

Can you change it? No, my hate goes to deep. I once loved him more than my own life. Now, I could care less what happens to him. It is written in the stars now. He will be known as the Alpha whose Luna hated him so much that he is the one who died from a broken heart even though he cheated not his Luna.

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