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I am the Light of the world

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I am the Light of the World

Everything is manifested right in you. you running around looking for something and there it is, it's right in you

everybody's trying to boost itself up to be so much greater than anybody else. The creator is manifested in this one man, just as quick as He is in anybody on earth, or any one woman, that as much in any single human being on earth, see. That doesn't make anybody above, any better. And you do not have any preeminence over the beast. One dies just like the other one. And all physical matter come…

Matter was first. Now when I say matter I'm talking about uranium, salt, and metals and just plain dirt, and talking about vegetation, all of that. approximately 92 basic elements of matter an 91 of them is 3-fold.

all proton, neutron, electron.

You can't see an atom. so you cant see God

The earth was already created

The earth was already populated and vegetated

every bit of the matter that is in, in existence was embodied in this, everything. If it was the Source and it was the Substance from which everything come, Joseph and Mary and Adam and Eve and you, and everybody else.

Now there is not a man or a woman in the world fully developed, but what doesn't have a heart and a aorta and lungs which indicates these vessels in here. And these are encouched in or enclosed in your body, everything, every, they are there. Now we said he was three-fold. One, Two, Three. Now when you break it down, even the atom, when its broken down, it has these parts and all that. The Tabernacle's got these parts. You got these same…the light of the world here was referred to your aorta, it has seven branches here and your aorta around it has seven branches to it. Everybody's got it. They're in you. Everybody's got a heart. Everybody's got lungs. The creator said ‘I am the light of the world’.

An atom is a proton, neutron, and electron.

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