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A girl who works in a coffee shop who has a secret admirer who leaves her roses and a note every time she’s not at work. She fantasizes about a regular customer who comes in on the daily. Could it be that her admirer is the one who she fantasizes about? Will it end in a romance? Or will it just end up being a fling?

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His hands were roaming each and every part of my body. It felt right. I haven't felt like this in a long time, he knew what he was doing to me and it was driving me insane. I wanted more. I needed more. I craved and aches for him for so long. And I finally got what I wanted.

"Tell me," he whispered his breath hot against my neck, "is this what you wanted?"

My hips pushed against his hand for a response, I was too out of breath to even speak. I wanted him inside me and I wanted him now.

"Please," I panted with a blush painted on my face, "I need you."

And with those four little words, my wish came true.


I sat up in my bed sweating, it was just a dream. Again. I hated that I had these dreams almost every night and ended up heart broken because I didn't wake up next to him. Glancing at the clock it was 7:30am in bright red numbers, it was almost time for me to get up and get ready for work. Great. First I have this dream about someone I don't know, a customer at that. On top of that, have to get ready for another hopefully interesting day at the coffee shop.

I lifted the blanket to make sure this was real life and not just another half of a dream. Who would've knew. Someone who I've never met in my life, had such an impact on me in my dreams. Rubbing my face with my hand, I finally pushed myself off the bed and walked into the bathroom to do my usual morning routine.


It was 8:05 by the time I was done showering, doing my hair, and getting dressed. I might skip out on a home breakfast today and eat a bagel when I get to work. Grabbing my phone and my keys I headed out to start the day.

The coffee shop wasn't too far from where I lived, so I decided to walk this morning. Everyone needs a little exercise to get the day going right? During my walk to work I got lost in my thoughts.

"You've been such a good girl for me," he said pressing his hard on into my ass, "you deserve what I'm about to give to you."

My body was trembling already just from the fore play, and I enjoyed every single bit of it. It was like my body wanted to give him more and keep going. His finger tips trailed from my swollen lips down to my already soaking panties. He was so good at what he was doing, I didn't even need to speak. My body did for me.

"Goodness," he chuckles pressing a kiss between my thighs, "you're so so so soaked baby girl, let me clean that up for you."

I felt myself pooling and it wasn't such a great idea to be thinking like this right as I'm about to go to work. At least no one will see me rubbing my thighs together when I'm behind the counter. Reaching for the doorknob I sighed and put on a smile.

"Another day, another dollar." I chuckled to myself as I walked up to clock in.

Let today officially begin.

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