Cheesy Midnight

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Cheesy Midnight

Meral Wali
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Chapter 1: Crush

“He is handsome, Shelly!”

“Hailey, in my vision, he looks like a regular and annoying teenage boy.”

Hailey huffed in annoyance as she crossed her arms and pouted like a little kid, walking with her friend, Shelly, to school.

“What do you like about Scott anyway?” Shelly asked: “He’s not even-”

“He’s handsome, his blond cheese hair and his green eyes-”

“Cheese hair?”

“…Yeah. I love cheese and he has perfect yellow cheese colored hair.”

Shelly looked at her friend, confused and sort of disgusted at the weird reason Hailey loved Scott, her crush since middle school.

“Hailey, you’re impossible.” Shelly face-palmed.

“And you have a bad taste in guys.” Hailey retorted.

“You’re one to talk,” Shelly smirked.

Hailey gasped dramatically and pouted again, unable to say more. Shelly’s playful smirk grew as she claimed victory. They walked through the school door, through the halls, and to their lockers.

On their way there, a boy their age with brown hair and yellow eyes walked towards them.

“Hey, guys!” He called out.

“Theo! My dear cheese-loving friend!” Hailey called back.

Shelly shook her head and took a good look at Theo.

“Theo?” She asked: “Are you wearing yellow contacts?”

“Yup!” He answered: “Nothing like starting the summer with sunshine yellow contacts. Beautiful right?” He posed.

Hailey laughed and Shelly walked to her locker, behind Theo, shaking her head.

“Why am I friends with you guys?” She playfully asked.

“Because we are the best human beings on this planet?” Theo answered in question.

“Hey! I’m loved for being the cheesiest, thank you very much.” Hailey answered for herself. The cheese-loving girl opened her locker that was to Shelly’s left to reveal many pictures of different cheese jokes and puns and one text saying: “ I <3 Cheese.”

As she was taking out her books, Theo looked through all the pictures on her locker as usual and Shelly sighed with a smile at her friends’ antics.

After shoving her books in her bag, Hailey took out a new picture of a cheese cube with stick arms and legs, it had a cute face and his arms were opened up to a text giving a cheesy pun:

‘Praise Chees-us Christ.’

Theo immediately burst out laughing, clutching his stomach from the good pain. Shelly stared at the picture with an expression saying ‘Why?’ Hailey just smiled proudly before proceeding to close her locker.

Turning to her friends, Hailey asked a little excitedly: “Shall we get to our classes?”

Theo calmed himself and followed the girls to class.

“You know?” Shelly spoke to Hailey: “Sometimes it makes sense why you’re single.”

“I’m a cheesy potato single pringle.” Hailey announced happily: “And you still have bad taste.”

“You’re one to talk again.”

“Oh-” Theo started: “She got chu there Hailey.”

“Come on!” Hailey yelled, huffing, and pouting again.

Shelly laughed with Theo as the three friends headed to class.

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