Words Do Hurt

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Words Do Hurt

Meral Wali
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A round of applause echoed as a woman with a pixie cut black hair and chocolate brown eyes walked towards an interviewer sat behind a smooth, black wooden desk on a cushioned white chair, a book placed on the interviewer’s lap.

The woman walked towards the man who’d interview her and took a seat by the side of the desk on a long white couch. Her legs crossed and a smile was plastered on her face as she greeted the man:

“Hello, Jordan!”

“Hello to you too, Melody!” Jordan greeted. He turned towards the audience and spoke: “And hello to everyone who’s able to join us here today. We are, I’m sure, happy to finally meet the author of the next best-selling book this year, aren’t we?”

A round of applause followed with many people on the edge of their seats yelling happily. Melody smiled as she looked at the audience with happy eyes, she was very thankful for the people’s support.

“That’s great!” Jordan continued: “Today, we have the author who made this interview possible, author of the love story ‘The Voice To Their Steps’, the one and only Melody Duff!”

Another big round of applause came bursting from the audience as said author looked down, laughing softly as her cheeks turned pink.

Jordan turned to Melody and spoke to her politely: “So Melody, in just a year, your story has been read by millions and has also been translated to French and Japanese.”

“That’s true Jordan and I couldn’t be any more grateful to all those who have helped make this possible.”

“That’s very kind of you Melody. So, tell us more about the book, I have read it, but I would love to know how it came to be.”

“That’s a very good question um…Well, I was always a big fan of romance, especially books as captivating as…’ Me Before You’ and-yeah.” Melody laughed as people cheered at the mention of another popular book.

After the audience quieted down, Melody tried to continue: “So…As a big fan of romance I-” Jordan cut her off:

“I thought ‘Me Before You’ was a tragedy, not a happy ending romance. I cried with my hands fanning my eyes like my grandma.” He joked causing the audience to laugh loudly along with Melody.

“I mean…” Melody spoke: “Sure, it was sad and don’t worry, you’re not alone on the crying part.” She joked causing small laughs from between the audience. “I love romance and I have written a story that would make people think it’s tragic.”

“Well, that’s not very nice.” Jordan laughed jokingly.

Melody let out a little laugh and continued: “The romance may have had its sad moments, but I love happy endings and I wanted to teach everyone an important moral.”

“And what’s that certain moral?” Jordan asked.

“The moral is: ‘Never give up on your dreams, find another answer.’ That’s a moral that means a lot to me.”

“Wow.” Jordan clapped followed by the audience who cheered for the smiling author. When the claps stopped, Jordan asked Melody a certain question:

“How and why is that moral important to you? Was it by some event or experience?”

Melody thought of her answer and before asking: “You don’t mind me sharing the whole story?”

“Not at all! The audience and I are listening.”

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