One More Time

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A cycle that I constantly find myself falling into over and over...

Queen Kassradite
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I'm Done

'Why are you doing?'
~Incoming Facetime Call from David.~
Damnit. Hopefully, nothing happens. I thought as I answered David's facetime call.
We talked and joked about my camera on my computer being shit, but it wasn't, David was just being a whiny bitch. I lifted my shirt to wipe my camera in case it was dirty.
It wasn't, but for some reason he looked excited then he looked disappointed.
"I thought you were gonna pop a titty. I got so happy." David said as he made a face, almost like he was trying to plead with me to do something.
"Haha. No." I wasn't in the damn mood to do anything with/ for David, but that doesn't seem to stop him from begging.
“Come on that’s not fair. My imagination just gets the better of me.” He said.

“And I already told you that’s not my problem. If your imagination caused you to get hard, use it to bust a nut. Figure it the hell out David.” I said getting increasingly annoyed and irritated.

“But- but-but, please. Please, please just pop a titty.” David begged.

“No! Why don’t you understand I don’t want to?!” It was the same thing every motherfucking day. David would facetime me and we’d talk about videogames, shows, and all types of topics, but then the conversations change to sexual topics and he always asks for me to pop a tit so he can get off.

“Because you’re gonna end up doing it anyway. Just like you say you didnt want to suck my dick and you ended up on your knees gagging on it. So hurry up and pop one out.” I only ended up choking on your sweaty and smelly dick is because you kept asking over and over and over and OVER again and I no longer had the energy to resist so I let you do what you wanted.

I just stuck up my middle fingers, “Fuck you, David. Get off my phone.”

“Wait, wait...Please, just one more time.” He begged. We both know damn well, that is a lie. A lie that I keep falling into.

I sighed and lifted my shirt so he could only see my bra and put them into the camera, “Here. Happy now? Leave me the hell alone.”

“Take them out your bra. Then I’ll leave you alone. I promise. Come on.”

“No work with what you got or fuck off,” I said preparing to put my shirt down.

“No, no, no, no, Fine. I’ll even put my cock in the camera to help you.” And true to his word he flipped his camera view so I could see the dick he was so damn proud of.

Sometimes I just wanted to throw up at the site of his dick, but at the same time, it somehow intrigued me. I did what he asked me to do for him in front of the camera. I didn’t want to do this anymore. He wasn’t my boyfriend or anything, but he begged and demanded to see my body like it was his. He didn’t seem to care that I said no.

I had a poker face even though in reality I wanted to cry, puke, scream, and punch his face in or beat him with a nail covered baseball bat. I just continued to jiggle them for him in front of the camera. I heard his groans, grunts, and moans entering my headphones. It felt like this shit was never going to end, when in reality the call and experience lasted 26 minutes. As soon as he cums I’m rushing to say good-bye and hang up the phone.

David texts me, ’Thanks, but why do you gotta be so mean. I’m not calling you back until you say sorry😭😭.′

I immediately text him back, ′Oh ok, I don’t care, still care and will never care 🤣.

I don’t know if he left me on read or delivered, but honestly, I don’t care. I just want him out of my damn life and he just granted me one of my deepest desires.

After going around my room and cleaning it. I text my best friend Yasmin and she got upset, understandably.

‘Bro he keeps asking for me to pop a titty and I keep saying no and he keeps asking and pressuring me 🙁’

‘Tell him to stop fuckin pressuring u.’

‘I told him I don’t want to show my tits cause I haven’t been in the mood and he’s like its been a week since you’ve been in the mood and I’m like its not my problem.’

’Pornhub is literally fuckin free. I’ll dead ass cuss him tf out.′

‘I SAID THE SAME SHIT, HES LIKE I DONT HAVE INTERNET! Literally this is why I don’t like to pick up his calls. We’ll be chilling and talking and then he gets sexual and it’s annoying🙄.’

There was a pause where I thought she was gonna cuss David out, so I had to type quickly. ‘YASMIN DON’T SAY ANYTHING TO HIM PLEASE UR NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW!’

‘I understand.’

'Ik u wanna cuss him out, but not right now. Thanks for understanding.'

This wasn't the first or the last time Yasmin had been ready to cuss David's ass out, but I keep defending him, so she doesn't cuss him out through all the times this shit happens. I can't want him to stop, to leave me alone. I just want to work and get paid. I was happy before I decided to answer his stupid facetime call, but honestly, I should've just known that it was going to happen, because its a fucking cycle that I get entrapped in over and over.

This time it was different. I stood up to him, even though it wasn't too much, it was something. Now I just need to be extra firm in the fact that I'm so damn tired of doing this shit ONE MORE TIME.

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