The Voices in My Head

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The Ocean

When I went to 해운대(Haeundae) I saw an amazingly huge ocean. The waves crashed and the sun reflected on the water looked so magical and it had me thinking...

A powerful roaring ocean is very big but the water that makes the ocean comes from tiny streams. The small water drops from small places all around the world come together and take part in the vast sea. Even the tiniest water drops hanging on the edge of a leaf would meet with the other drop frozen into an iceberg. We are like these water drops all around the world for we come together and together we're stronger.

but the ocean isn't only powerful but also it is beautiful...beautiful as much as its deep. We are drops of water and together we are an ocean together more powerful and more beautiful. We make each other more powerful and together we are beautiful. We are blessings to each other and also miracles. Let our vast ocean roar with power and swish with grace and never let it stop. Let our ocean of friendship keep stirring and dancing.

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